1103 what, you still want a sports car?

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as china’s number one internet celebrity dog, snowball was a snow-white samoyed with no stray hair on its body.

normally, if a purebred dog of such a good breed wanted to breed, they would definitely find a dog of the same breed.

however, mu yiling obviously did not do that. otherwise, he would not have given birth to so many perverted puppies.

the doubts in luo chenxi’s heart flashed past her mind for a moment before she tossed them to the back of her mind.

this was because these five little dogs were too funny.

although it wasn’t white, each of them had a uniform coat of fur, and the shades were different.

it was like a snowball that had run out of ink as it was born, its color becoming lighter and lighter.

the deepest one was a deep grey, and the lightest one was already very close to the color of white rice.

the little dumpling was obviously very popular with small animals. she squatted in the middle, and the five puppies fought to be the first to rub against her.

the little furball would stroke this one’s fur and pull the other one’s tail. it was very busy.

she looked up when she heard footsteps. ” big sister, come and play with us! ” look at this, it’s so cute!”

the little dumpling stuffed the whitest one into luo chenxi’s arms.

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment. she lowered her head and happened to meet the puppy’s pure and innocent eyes.

the little white dog was obviously a little shy. it squatted on her knee and did not dare to move.

however, after a while, it realized that the person before it did not have any ill intentions and the aura from her body was very comfortable. it let its guard down and stretched out its tiny claws to press on luo chenxi’s body in an attempt to test her.

luo chenxi patted its little head. ” it’s really cute. this one looks the most like snowball. does tangtang like this one the most? “

the little furball pouted with a troubled expression. ” this one is pretty, that one is pretty too, and that one … wuwuwu, every one of them is so pretty! can i have all of them?”

the little dumpling widened its eyes and looked at luo chenxi in anticipation.

luo chenxi was about to nod when she suddenly heard a loud cough coming from behind her.

she turned around and saw mu yichen looking at the mother and son with a dark expression.

luo chenxi shuddered. she suddenly remembered that young master mu did not seem to like furry little animals. this time, it was the little dumpling who had pestered him through both hard and soft tactics. with the help of her beauty trick, mu yichen had reluctantly agreed to let the little dumpling adopt a puppy …

if she brought all five of them back, she reckoned that mu yichen would be infuriated.

at the thought of this, luo chenxi quickly said, ” “cough, cough, tangtang, snowball worked hard to give birth to so many little babies. how can you take all of their puppies away? isn’t snowball too pitiful?”

the little dumpling tilted her head and thought for a while. she felt that it made sense and pouted. ” alright then, tang tang, pick one … “

“tang tang is so obedient!”

luo chenxi kissed the little dumpling’s face before she squatted down and picked the puppy with her.

mu yichen’s expression softened a little when he heard their conversation.

“big brother, look, tang tang is so happy! if she likes dogs so much, you should have let her raise one. how was it? did i do something good this time? shouldn’t you reward me? big brother, i told you last time that i had my eyes on that limited edition sports car …”

mu yiling was halfway through his triumphant speech when mu yichen’s icy cold eyes suddenly swept toward him.

he immediately shuddered and shut his mouth.

mu yichen chuckled. ” why? you still want a sports car?”