1104 the relationship between the two brothers is really good

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it was all because of this guy that he was kicked off the bed by his wife in the morning.

he actually dared to ask for a sports car!

“i have something to discuss with you, come here!” mu yichen grabbed mu yiling’s collar and dragged him to the study.

mu yiling turned pale with fright. ” big brother, i … what did i do again?! ” i’m … i’m innocent!”

mu yichen sneered. ” you’ve only been to the company for two days in a month. you still have the nerve to say that you’re innocent? are you worthy of the salary the company pays you? also, someone spread rumors about your sister-in-law on the internet two days ago. where are you? he didn’t even know how to take the initiative to slander those people who spread rumors and created trouble? you didn’t even pick up my calls, what’s the use of having you?”

” i … i … ” mu yiling was speechless. he was crying bitterly in his heart.

didn’t he just have fun at the bar occasionally and fall asleep when he came back?

as a result, something happened to luo chenxi on that day!

the next day, he wanted to deal with it as soon as possible, but those accounts that had started the rumors had been banned by fu linchen through official channels. he wanted to please his sister-in-law, but he had no chance to do so …

mu yiling thought that the matter was over.

whoever knew that his petty big brother would record it down in a small book, waiting for him to settle the score!

luo chenxi noticed that the mu brothers had left.

however, he didn’t take it to heart at all.

“snowball, your master and his brother have such a good relationship. they’ve gone to chat again.”

she touched snowball’s smooth and shiny fur and secretly sighed at how good it felt.

snowball wagged its tail and rubbed itself against luo chenxi’s body. at the same time, it secretly cast a sympathetic glance in the direction of the study.

the morning passed by quickly.

the mu brothers came out of the study before lunch.

mu yichen’s expression remained cold and arrogant.

on the other hand, mu yiling was like a frosted eggplant.

the mu family’s second young master only recovered a little after having lunch.

luo chenxi looked at mu yichen, then at mu yiling. she was feeling suspicious in her heart.

” yiling, thank you so much for inviting us over today, ” she said after some thought. ” your puppies are so cute. you must be so lucky! ” she was a winner in life by raising so many cute little things! but, why haven’t i seen you post about the puppy on weibo?”

she had been wanting to ask this question for a long time.

mu yiling was a famous dog lover in china. he had been updating his photos every day since snowball was a few months old.

however, none of the photos of the puppies had been uploaded since they were born.

in fact, there was not a single trace of snowball’s pregnancy on mu yiling’s weibo.

luo chenxi said those words with the intention of livening up the atmosphere.

unexpectedly, mu yiling’s body suddenly stiffened when he heard this. then, the expression on his face twisted.

“this … this …”

he stuttered, unable to speak.

mu yichen swept a glance at him. he betrayed his younger brother without the slightest hesitation. ” that’s because … his snowball didn’t get pregnant through normal breeding. it’s because it’s been hanging out with wild dogs outside for some time. by the time he found out, she was already pregnant with the dog. “

mu yiling’s scar had been torn open. he was in so much pain that he wished he was dead.

yet, it just so happened that mu yichen was the one who exposed him. he did not have the courage to flare up even if he wanted to.

luo chenxi said in astonishment,”what?” how could there be such a thing? this is a high-end residential area with only a few households. i don’t think you’ll let snowball go out alone. you should be able to find snowball’s husband, right?”