1105 this is definitely rape!

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“what husband? what husband! our snowball doesn’t have a husband!”

“if i find out which shameless dog hooked up with my daughter, i’ll cut it into eight pieces and make it into a dog meat hotpot!” mu yiling said with grief and indignation.

the little dumpling stared at mu yiling in horror. the spoon in her hand fell on the table.

“uncle, how can you eat a dog? the dog is so cute!”

she was frightened by mu yiling’s ferocious expression. she hid in luo chenxi’s arms with a whoosh.

luo chenxi hugged her in a hurry and stuffed the strawberry pudding into her hands. ” don’t be afraid, tangtang. i was just too excited. come, let’s eat this pudding … “

as she comforted the little dumpling, she didn’t forget to continue gossiping.

“so, you still don’t know who the father of these little dogs is?”

“if i knew, i would’ve chopped it up long ago!” mu yiling said angrily. and its owner, if i find out who it is, i’ll beat him up and throw him into the pacific ocean to feed the sharks!”

mu yichen frowned slightly. he shook his head in secret as he looked at his stupid, brainless younger brother.

“mu yiling, calm down. which family in your neighborhood isn’t rich and powerful in T city? although our mu family isn’t afraid of causing trouble, you can’t start a feud with others just because of a dog.”

” yes, yes. ” luo chenxi chimed in as well. ” perhaps, snowball and the babies ‘father are in love? ” how can you break her up?”

“mutually in love, my ass!”

mu yiling refused to accept the reality. he was so angry that he slammed the table.

mu yichen immediately chided him,”watch your words and actions. how can you speak to your sister-in-law like that? you even dare to slam the table in front of your sister-in-law?”

second young master mu, who had been so aggressive a few seconds ago, was suddenly terrified.

“i’m sorry, big brother, i’m sorry, big sister, i was wrong … i mean, our snowball is so beautiful, so it must have high standards. how could it like a dog from outside, and a black one at that! this … is impossible … this is definitely rape! yes, rape!”

from the puppy’s appearance, he could guess that the male dog that made snowball pregnant shouldn’t be a rare breed.

mu yiling could not accept this.

luo chenxi pouted her lips in a rather disapproving manner.

seeing how good snowball was, he knew that it was very satisfied with the puppy’s fathers.

however, she chose to shut up and did not provoke mu yiling anymore when she saw how devastated he was.

mu yiling gritted his teeth as he tried to recall, ” it’s strange. i’ve been secretly observing for a long time. no one in our neighborhood has a black dog. besides, we have a lot of security guards here, so the wild dogs outside can’t get in. ” he really didn’t know what was going on. did that dog just vanish from the face of the earth? no, i must catch it!”

luo chenxi shook her head repeatedly as she watched.

mu yiling was really hopeless to be serious with a dog.

after lunch, the mu family of three prepared to go home.

the little furball squatted among the dogs and lingered around. after picking for a long time, it still couldn’t make up its mind.

in her left hand was the darkest one, and in her right hand was the whitest one. she refused to let go.

“wuwuwu, big sister, i want cotton candy and sesame cake. let them come home with us ~~”

the little dumpling rubbed against luo chenxi and acted coquettishly.