1106 do you know who i am? i am the daughter of the president's house

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luo chenxi could not help laughing upon hearing that.

the little dumpling had even named the puppy.

furthermore, they were all food …

as expected of a little glutton!

luo chenxi’s heart softened when she saw that the little dumpling and the puppy were reluctant to part. she pleaded on her behalf with mu yichen.

“honey, tang tang likes it so much, why don’t you let her raise it? anyway, it doesn’t matter if we raise one or two. we just have to feed them a few more mouthfuls of dog food every day. it’s not like our family can’t afford it, don’t you think?”

“something’s wrong!”

mu yichen said coldly.

luo chenxi did not expect that he would not give her any face. she could not help but pinch his arm in anger.

“hey, what do you mean? you can’t even agree to such a small request from tang tang, do you still have us in your heart? ah?”

mu yichen scoffed coldly. he looked at her in a noble and cold manner. ” i can agree to it, but you’ll have to agree to one condition of mine first. “

luo chenxi was suspicious. ” what’s the condition? “

mu yichen moved closer to her ear and whispered something.

luo chenxi’s face turned red instantly.

“y-y-you …”

she could not believe that this man could actually say such shameless words with such a cold expression!

mu yichen remained expressionless. ” it’s up to you whether you agree to it or not. “

” big sister … ” the little dumpling tugged at her skirt and spoke pitifully.

luo chenxi gritted her teeth. ” i promise you, okay? quickly, help tang tang move these packages down!”

mu yichen cracked into a smile.

she bent down and moved the full set of dog raising equipment that mu yiling had prepared for them into the elevator.

the family waved goodbye to mu yiling, got into the car, and prepared to leave.

luo chenxi noticed a thin figure not far away from the corner of her eyes. she could not help uttering a surprised ” huh “.

mu yichen turned around. ” stupid woman, what’s wrong with you? “

luo chenxi shook her head. ” it’s nothing. “

she seemed to have seen a slender girl passing by with a big black dog just now.

the girl’s clothes were very ordinary, and she didn’t look like someone who lived in such a high-end community …

luo chenxi leaned close to the window in an attempt to take a closer look. however, the figure that was still in the corner earlier had already disappeared.

“did i see it wrong?”

back at the mu family.

luo chenxi and the little dumpling rushed to the backyard excitedly to decorate the new home for the two puppies.

mu yichen wanted to grab the stupid woman and ask for a reward for agreeing to let the little dumpling raise two puppies.

however, zhuo feng called him at that moment.

even though mu yichen was reluctant, he still set off to the mu group.

he was now a man with a family. in order to let his wife and daughter live a life without worry, he had to work harder.

mu yichen was busy until past six in the evening before he ended the last meeting and prepared to go home.

however, just as he took the elevator to the first floor, he heard the sound of a dispute coming from the front desk.

“what did you just say? i’ve been listed as a no-go account, and i can’t enter the mu group, nor can i see your president? is there a mistake? do you know who i am? i’m the daughter of the president’s house, the cousin of your president mu’s good friend, fu linchen! open your eyes and look clearly, you dare to stop me? hurry up and get out of the way!”

fu jiatong was furious.

” i’m sorry, miss fu. the president has strictly forbidden you from stepping into the mu group. please don’t make things difficult for us. ” the security guards at the door remained unmoved.