1107 this must be luo chenxi's doing!

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fu jiatong’s expression was gloomy. ” that’s impossible. i don’t believe that brother mu would give such an order. luo chenxi must be the one who’s messing with me behind my back! ” get out of the way! otherwise, when big brother mu finds out what you’ve done, you’ll be fired!”

however, the security guards acted as if they didn’t hear her and stood in front of her without moving.

fu jiatong’s chest felt tight, and she wanted to hit someone.

she didn’t come alone today. she had brought lu yajing and her daughter with her.

she had boasted in front of the mother and daughter of the lu family that she had a noble status, that she was the daughter of a long-time friend of the mu family, and that she had been friends with mu yichen since she was young.

as long as the mother and daughter of the lu family followed her, they would certainly be able to meet young master mu and expose luo chenxi’s dark past in person.

but who knew that she would be rejected by so many security guards in front of lu yajing and the others!

it was really embarrassing.

fu jiatong was already embarrassed, but lu yajing still walked over to her.

he asked in a low voice,”miss … miss fu, what’s going on?” why can’t you get into the mu group? how are we going to expose that little b * tch, luo chenxi then?”

fu jiatong was still in a fit of anger, and she glared at her. ” cut the crap! this must be luo chenxi’s doing! just follow me, of course i have a way to see big brother mu!”

as soon as she finished her sentence, she suddenly noticed a familiar tall figure at the elevator door.

fu jiatong’s eyes lit up, and she was overjoyed.

she threw the bag in her hand at the security guard’s face before her. she took advantage of the moment when the security guard dodged to pass by him and charged toward mu yichen.

“big brother mu! big brother mu! i’ve finally met you!”

she ran up to mu yichen and said while panting,”big brother mu, your company’s security guards are too much. they actually stopped me from entering …”

before she could finish her sentence, mu yichen’s expression darkened. he shouted sternly at the security guards who had rushed over in a hurry,”what’s going on? didn’t i already say that this woman is not allowed to appear in the mu family again? what are you all doing? the company pays you so much every month, and you can’t even stop a random person?”

fu jiatong’s face froze. ” big … big brother mu? you … you …”

although mu yichen had turned her away at the door when she came with fu linchen to apologize the day before, she still felt a little guilty.

however, she always felt that mu yichen would only chase her out in a fit of anger because she was the young lady of the fu family. she could not possibly stay like this forever.

she did not expect mu yichen to be so determined not to see her.

the security guards all lowered their heads. we tried to stop miss fu just now, but she insisted on rushing in …”

“if you rush in, can’t you just drive them out? don’t tell me that you guys can’t even stop a woman?”

mu yichen furrowed his brows and snorted coldly.”quickly chase them away! if i see her in the mu family again, all of you can quit!”

the security guards trembled. they didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately rushed up to pull her away.

mu yichen did not even spare them a glance. he walked straight toward the car park.

today’s meeting had been a little delayed, and it was already past dinner time.

the stupid woman must be waiting anxiously at home!

fu jiatong was dragged out by the security guards. she was extremely anxious as she watched mu yichen’s figure gradually disappear into the distance.