1108 luo chenxi gave birth to a bastard child four years ago

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fu jiatong’s head was hot, and she didn’t care about the consequences anymore, shouting out loud.

“big brother mu! let me go, i have something to say to big brother mu! big brother mu, don’t you want to know about luo chenxi’s dark history?”

mu yichen’s footsteps did not stop at all. in fact, he did not even slow down.

fu jiatong gritted her teeth and shouted, ” “big brother mu, listen to me! four years ago, before luo chenxi married you, she did a lot of shameful things abroad! you … you have to listen to me. otherwise, you … you’ll regret it!”

mu yichen stopped in his tracks upon hearing this.

he even turned around and looked at her.

fu jiatong heaved a sigh of relief, shook off the security guard beside her, and quickly explained.

“big brother mu, look at the two people beside me. they’re luo chenxi’s aunt and cousin! they were aware of the dirty deeds that luo chenxi had done in the past! you can’t imagine what a lewd and shameless woman luo chenxi is. her innocence and purity are all an act! big brother mu, i really can’t bear to see you being deceived again!”

fu jiatong said as she gave lu yajing a look.

lu yajing understood what he meant. she called out, ” that’s right, young master mu. i … i know about luo chenxi’s past. she … she’s really shameless … “


lu yajing was interrupted halfway through her sentence.

mu yichen’s expression was as cold as water while a cold glint flashed past his eyes.

“you guys, come with me!”

upon hearing this, the security guards subconsciously let go.

fu jiatong and the lu family’s mother and daughter smiled in surprise. they looked at each other and quickly followed behind.

luo chenxi was certainly done for this time!

mu yichen walked straight to the parking lot and headed toward a secluded corner.

in the mu family, he had his own private parking lot with several cars parked there.

fu jiatong and the others followed him to the luxury car and said eagerly, ” “young master mu, we …”

“bring these three women to the villa on the outskirts of the city and keep an eye on them!” mu yichen suddenly said coldly.

” … what?! “

fu jiatong was stunned.

then, a few bodyguards came out from the dark and grabbed them, trying to stuff them into a car.

mu yichen swept a glance at them. the corners of his lips were curled into a sneer of ridicule.

‘luo chenxi’s incident four years ago …’

the last time lu yajing and luo xiudi came to the mu family’s villa to ask for money, they had mentioned it once.

at the time, mu yichen agreed to give them twenty million because he wanted to shut them up and did not wish for the matter to be leaked.

however, he did not expect the mother-daughter pair to be so greedy that they were not satisfied even after receiving twenty million dollars. they even got together with fu jiatong and revealed luo chenxi’s matter to him. they even tried to blackmail him with it!

he simply didn’t know what death was!

since they didn’t want to live anymore, he didn’t mind helping them!

as for what had happened four years ago …

he wanted to know. there were countless ways to find out, but so what if he knew?

no matter what kind of person luo chenxi was in the past or what she had done, she could not change the relationship between them.

mu yichen turned around and prepared to get into the car to go home.

however, at this moment, lu yajing suddenly broke free from the bodyguard and rushed to him. she shouted, ” ” young master mu, luo chenxi had an affair with a wild man four years ago. she even gave birth to an illegitimate child! “