1109 she has successfully exposed luo chenxi's dark history!

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the parking lot suddenly fell silent.

the news was so shocking that even the bodyguards who had always been loyal to their duties were shocked. although they were still holding onto fu jiatong and luo xiudi, they did not know if they should continue to drag them away.

lu yajing’s heart was beating fast.

her intuition told her that this was her last chance to tell the truth.

if she was dragged away by the bodyguards, she might never have the chance to see young master mu again!

thus, she would reveal all the ugly things that luo chenxi had done in the past even if it would enrage young master mu!

if we’re going to die … we’ll die together!

at the thought of this, she couldn’t care about anything else and said in one breath, ” “young master mu, luo chenxi is really a broken shoe now. she’s not as pure and innocent as she appears to be! when she was in middle school, many boys chased after her and gave her things. it was the famous bus in the high school attached to the academy of fine arts! after that, i went overseas and got together with a foreign man!”

“she was supposed to go abroad on a full scholarship, but she was expelled because her private life was too messy! and she’s pregnant with a bastard! it’s all true. my grandfather chased her and lu wenjun out of the lu family because of the bastard in her stomach!”

lu yajing exaggerated the events of the past and revealed everything in one breath!

she only heaved a sigh of relief after she finished speaking. she raised her head and looked at mu yichen cautiously.

at this very moment, mu yichen’s expression was as cold as a thousand-year-old glacier. his clenched jaw and cold gaze made clear the shock and anger in his heart.

fu jiatong and the others saw this, and their hearts were filled with joy.

they had finally succeeded in exposing luo chenxi’s dark history!

his wife was a promiscuous woman with a promiscuous private life. not many men could tolerate this kind of thing.

it was even more impossible for a young master from a wealthy family with mu yichen’s status and identity to tolerate this!

once the matter of luo chenxi hiding her dark history and cheating on her marriage was exposed, she would have to face the furious eldest young master mu’s crazy revenge after she was forced to leave the mu family with nothing, let alone maintain her position as the young mistress of the mu family!

mu yichen’s entire body stiffened. he stood on the same spot for a long time without saying a word.

the air in the parking lot seemed to have frozen.

the bodyguards at the scene were like stone carvings, not daring to move an inch.

the only thought in his heart was that he was done for!

they seemed to have heard a secret that they shouldn’t have. would they be killed by young master mu?

mu yichen spoke again after an unknown period of time.

“you’re saying … my wife was pregnant four years ago? how do you know about this? how do i know if you’re telling the truth or just making it up to slander my wife?”

lu yajing felt that something was amiss when she heard him addressing luo chenxi as ‘madam’.

however, she didn’t have time to think about it and quickly said loudly, ” “young master mu, i promise i’m telling the truth! many people saw luo chenxi when she returned to B city with a pregnant belly back then. our family wasn’t the only one who saw her. you’ll definitely find many witnesses if you go to B city to investigate!”

luo xiudi came over and said, ” young master mu, you’re still young. you might not understand this. we can check whether this woman has been pregnant before in the gynecology department. you’ll know if it’s true once you bring luo chenxi for a check. ” how would we dare to lie about such a thing?”

mu yichen remained silent for a moment before he spoke again.