1110 a sharp thorn stabbing into mu yichen's heart

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“then … did she give birth to the child, or …”

both luo xiudi and lu yajing were stunned when they heard the question.

luo xiudi coughed twice. ” this … young master mu, to be honest, we can’t guarantee this. after all, we don’t know about the mother and daughter’s whereabouts after luo chenxi was chased out by my father-in-law. we didn’t see the child’s condition after that either. however, when she left the lu family, she was at least six or seven months pregnant. the child was already so big, so she must have given birth already. if she wanted to abort it, she would have done so long ago!”

at this time, fu jiatong also came back to her senses and quickly came over to help.

“that’s right, big brother mu, you … you must wake up! would the lu family’s mother and daughter dare to lie about something that could be verified with a simple investigation? besides … you’ve heard it yourself. luo chenxi is pregnant with a man’s child. she doesn’t acknowledge the child’s father at all and he’s never appeared before, yet she insisted on giving birth to the child. it must be because that man is in her heart!”

upon hearing this, mu yichen’s body shuddered abruptly. his already tensed expression turned even gloomier.

lu yajing couldn’t help but cheer for fu jiatong in her heart.

as expected of the daughter of a wealthy family, her words were of a high standard!

even if mu yichen truly had feelings for luo chenxi and did not care that she had given birth to a child, what if she had another man in her heart? he could endure this?

this was the real thorn that stabbed into mu yichen’s heart!

fu jiayu’s eyes were filled with pride, and she almost could not hide the smile on her face.

she seemed to have already seen the scene of luo chenxi being chased out of the mu family’s residence in her undressed state!

mu yichen did not speak. he only spoke after a long while,”i already know what you’re talking about.”

fu jiatong was overjoyed in her heart. she quickly said, ” brother mu, you … you don’t have to be too sad. that b * tch luo chenxi has disguised herself too well. it’s normal that you can’t see through her in a short time. this kind of green tea b * tch is the best at deceiving men! ” don’t be disappointed in love, there’s still true love in this world …”

she had not finished her sentence when she heard mu yichen’s cold voice.

“what are you still doing? didn’t you hear what i just said? lock these three women in the villa in the suburbs!”

everyone was stunned when they heard this.

the bodyguards woke up from their daze and quickly grabbed fu jiatong and the others, dragging them to another car.

fu jiatong couldn’t believe her ears. ” big brother mu … big brother mu! you … what are you doing? why did you lock me up? what did i do wrong? big brother mu …… hmmm!”

‘this script isn’t right. shouldn’t mu yichen be touched by her true feelings? shouldn’t he be bringing her along to expose luo chenxi and chase that sl * t out of the house immediately?’

mu yichen was immersed in his own thoughts and did not pay any attention to her at all.

the bodyguards were tricked by her just now, so this time, they made a prompt decision and directly covered the three people’s mouths and stuffed them into the car in a few moments.

not long after, the car sped away.

mu yichen stood in the parking lot for a while before he suddenly spoke,”zhuo feng,”

zhuo feng’s trembling voice was heard.

he had been cowering in the driver’s seat for a very long time. he had been trying to make himself invisible all this while, hoping that mu yichen would forget about his existence.

however, this was obviously an extravagant hope.

“send someone to the fu family and tell fu linchen that fu jiatong is with me. i won’t let her go even if he comes here personally,” mu yichen ordered.

“yes …!”

“and …”

mu yichen was about to speak when a familiar ringtone suddenly rang.

he lowered his head subconsciously.

the words “stupid woman” flashed on the screen.