1111 the young master's head was glowing green

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mu yichen stared at his phone and did not move for a long time.

zhuo feng recognized the ringtone as well. it was young madam’s personal ringtone. he had heard it countless times when he was driving mu yichen.

suddenly, his heart was in his throat.

lu yajing had just exposed luo chenxi’s dark past, so it was obvious that their eldest young master would be furious.

and yet, young lady had called at this time!

oh my god, was he going to witness another scene of a couple turning against each other?

zhuo feng was extremely vexed. he deeply regretted not checking his almanac before leaving the house today!

however, it was too late for regrets now. he could only sit in the driver’s seat and watch as mu yichen raised the phone to his face.

zhuo feng was still in a daze.

what was going on? their eldest young master’s head was already glowing green, and he was still holding back?

however, even if she didn’t pick up the phone, it didn’t mean that the matter was over.

‘i’ll have to go back and face luo chenxi later, and … the fact that she once gave birth to a child …’

“why are you in a daze? get out of the car! come with me!”

all of a sudden, mu yichen’s cold voice was heard.

zhuo feng shuddered and almost fell from the driver’s seat.

“yes, yes, yes … eldest young master!”

mu yichen furrowed his brows ever so slightly. he shot him a glance before he turned around and left.

zhuo feng quickly followed.

just then, his phone rang.

zhuo feng took out his phone to mute it, but he realized that it was luo chenxi who was calling him!

he was stunned and didn’t know what to do.

at this moment, mu yichen stopped walking and looked toward him.

” b-b-big master … young madam’s phone … “

zhuo feng stuttered. he was so nervous that he almost bit his tongue off.

mu yichen squinted his eyes and took a glance at him. he lifted his thin lips slightly. ” tell her that i’m working overtime. “

zhuo feng’s eyes widened. he did not expect mu yichen to ask him to answer the phone.

she was stunned for two seconds. she only reacted to the situation under mu yichen’s displeased and intense gaze. she quickly replied to luo chenxi as he had instructed.

at the mu family’s villa.

luo chenxi hung up the phone. her delicate brows were knitted together and her face was filled with puzzlement.

“that’s strange. didn’t mu yichen say that he’ll be coming home for dinner tonight? why are you suddenly working overtime?”

and he didn’t even answer her calls!

in the past, no matter how busy he was, he would always pick up her call at the first moment.

he would always take the initiative to call her and tell her about situations where he could not go home after working overtime.

“what’s the meaning of this today? don’t tell me that you’ve only been married for less than two months, and you think that a newlywed wife is no longer important?”

luo chenxi was not such a petty person to begin with. it was just a missed call from mu yichen. it was not a big deal at all.

however, she did not know why, but she felt a faint sense of uneasiness today. her heart was empty.

“big sister, i’m so angry! when is daddi coming home? i’m so hungry!”

the sound of clattering footsteps was heard. the little dumpling ran over from the other end of the corridor. she tugged at luo chenxi’s clothes with one hand while she covered her stomach with the other. she spoke in an aggrieved manner.

luo chenxi immediately tossed the wisp of peculiar emotion she had earlier to the back of her mind.

he bent down and picked her up. ” your father isn’t coming home for dinner. we’re not going to wait for him. “