1112 to everyone's surprise, mu yichen had not returned home yet!

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luo chenxi had dinner with the little dumpling.

xiao tuanzi had just adopted two puppies today and was very excited. at the dining table, she kept telling tan yueru and mu yunfeng how cute the puppies were.

tan yueru couldn’t stop smiling. ” my daughter-in-law is the best! ” she said. yichen has never liked furry animals. he didn’t agree when weiwei wanted to raise a ragdoll cat. yiling moved out of the house to raise snowball. i really didn’t expect that he would agree to let tang tang raise dogs, and even two!”

luo chenxi held down the little dumpling’s tiny body that was about to jump up and fed her the food.

at the same time, she smiled and said,”mother, i can’t take credit for this. it’s mu yichen who dotes on his daughter.”

tan yueru shook her head in amusement.

he was her own son, and she knew it.

even though it was true that mu yichen doted on tang tang, luo chenxi was the only person who could change his long-term deep-rooted habit so easily.

even her, his own mother, could not do it!

the little dumpling was only thinking about the puppy and didn’t have the mood to eat.

luo chenxi finished feeding her a small bowl of rice with great effort. she could not wait to jump down from the high chair.

“big sister, i’m going to see if cotton candy and sesame cake are eating well!”

after saying that, he turned around and ran towards the back door of the villa.

luo chenxi chased after her in a hurry. ” tang tang, come back! the puppy must have had a good meal, but you didn’t!”

at night, the little dumpling would circle around the two puppies again.

according to her usual habits, she should go to bed at eight or nine o ‘clock at night.

however, tonight, she kept making a fuss until it was almost 10 o ‘clock and refused to go to bed.

she only quieted down when the two puppies were tired. they curled up in the doghouse and fell asleep without moving. she allowed luo chenxi to carry them away obediently.

luo chenxi heaved a sigh of relief. she wanted to carry the little troublemaker back to her room in a hurry.

the little furball shrank into her arms, and its eyelids began to fight, as if it could fall asleep in the next second.

however, when the two of them reached the stairs, the little dumpling suddenly thought of something and raised her head.

“by the way, why hasn’t daddi returned home yet? i still want to show him the puppy’s new home!”

the little dumpling pouted, a little unhappy.

luo chenxi suddenly remembered that mu yichen had not returned home yet!

it was almost ten o ‘clock.

ever since the two of them got married, mu yichen had never worked overtime until this late. even if he had work to do, he would bring it home to handle it.

the only time he had returned late was because of his good friend, bo tingyuan …

what was going on today?

just as luo chenxi was feeling puzzled and uneasy, the door of the villa was suddenly pushed open with a click.

mu yichen’s tall and lanky figure walked into the room from the outside, covered in dust.

luo chenxi turned her head and her gaze fell on him. her eyes brightened up a little. ” mu yichen, why are you back so late? ” tang tang has been waiting for you to come back and look at our newly built doghouse!”

it was apparent that mu yichen did not expect luo chenxi to still be standing in the living room at such a late hour.

as soon as he entered, he met her eyes.

his body stiffened for a moment, the corners of his mouth pursed into a straight line, and his tone was a little stiff. ” it’s already so late, let tang tang sleep first. i’ll come back to see her doghouse tomorrow morning.”

luo chenxi blinked her eyes.

she did not know why, but she felt that mu yichen’s tone was a little strange.