1113 if the child is born, it should be as big as tang tang, right?

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was she being too sensitive?

this thought only flashed through his mind.

luo chenxi nodded quickly. ” alright then. i’ll carry tang tang to bed first. ” have you finished your work? you’re back so late, have you had dinner? aunt chen left you a bowl of braised beef. if you’re hungry, i’ll let tang tang sleep and go to the kitchen to make you a bowl of noodles.”

mu yichen furrowed his brows ever so slightly. he walked out slowly from the shadows on the porch.

the light in the living room illuminated his well-defined handsome face and added some warmth to his cold expression.

he said in a low voice, ” it’s okay. i’ve had dinner. besides, i know how to cook my own noodles. there’s no need to trouble you. ” you’d better coax tang tang to sleep first.”

luo chenxi glanced at him in puzzlement.

although young master mu was good at cooking, he usually liked to pester her to cook.

he’s actually so self-conscious today?

“alright, let’s go upstairs …”

luo chenxi was about to turn around with the little dumpling in her arms.

however, the little dumpling was unhappy. she pouted in mu yichen’s direction and said, ” daddy’s bad! he said he would help tang tang build a house for the puppy today! but he came back so late! bad guy, hmph, tang tang doesn’t like you anymore!”

the little princess puffed up her cheeks in pride.

mu yichen’s gaze fell on her petite face. his initially tense expression changed in an instant.

he was obviously stunned.

under the dim light of the night, luo chenxi and the little dumpling’s faces that were pressed against each other looked too similar!

in particular, the proud look with her eyes wide open was simply carved out of the same mold.

for a moment, lu yajing’s words echoed in mu yichen’s mind.

” … luo chenxi had an affair with a wild man four years ago. she even gave birth to an illegitimate child! “

she got pregnant four years ago …

if the child was born, it would be as big as tang tang, right?

could it be that tang tang was really …

however, he quickly realized that his thoughts were too nonsensical.

the little dumpling looked like luo chenxi because she was luo chenxin’s daughter. she was closely related to luo chenxi by blood.

he must be out of his mind to think like this.

mu yichen shook his head to himself and said,”take tang tang to sleep first. she can’t even open her eyes. i’ll go find something to eat.”

“oh, okay …”

luo chenxi nodded in a daze.

although she felt that something was strange, she could not put her finger on it.

he could only carry the drowsy little dumpling in his arms and go straight to the second floor.

he returned to the children’s room and placed the little dumpling on the princess bed. the little dumpling immediately closed her eyes.

she had actually exercised a lot today and was already tired.

it was because she was too excited that she thought she didn’t want to sleep. she really lay on the bed, and in less than a minute, she was already snoring.

luo chenxi looked at the little dumpling’s angel-like sleeping face. she lowered her head and kissed her little face. ” good night, little angel. “

she was still concerned about mu yichen’s meal, so she covered the little dumpling with the blanket before she turned around and left the children’s room to look for him in the kitchen.

however, there was no one in the kitchen.

“what’s going on? was work really that busy? you’re not even going to eat?”

luo chenxi frowned. she went upstairs and returned to the master bedroom.

after her shower, she came out with a towel wrapped around her.

the door was pushed open almost at the same time. mu yichen happened to walk in.