1114 that sharp, bone-piercing pain almost made him breathless

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luo chenxi turned her head to the side to look at him while she was drying her hair with a towel.

“mu yichen, you’re done with your work?”

“stupid woman, you …”

the two of them spoke at the same time and stopped at the same time.

luo chenxi blinked her large eyes and asked, ” “what do you want to say?”

mu yichen pursed his lips and shook his head. ” it’s nothing. “

luo chenxi pouted her lips and glared at him in slight dissatisfaction. ” mu yichen, you’re acting a little strange today! you’re not usually like this! tell me, what have you been busy with today? why did she come home so late and be so weird? did you … do something to let us down?”

she put on a proud front on purpose and waited for mu yichen to come over and coax her.

even though she did not think that mu yichen would do anything to let her down, she was certain that there was something on his mind today!

the two of them had been together for so long, and their hearts were connected. if she couldn’t even see this, how could she still have the face to call herself mrs. mu?

mu yichen squinted his eyes and stared at her for a while.

suddenly, he strode towards her.

there was a faint chill on mu yichen’s body. luo chenxi suddenly felt a little uneasy. ” mu yichen, you … “

before she could finish her sentence, mu yichen held her shoulders and pushed her onto the big bed at once.

immediately after, the man’s strong and powerful body pressed down on her like a mountain, pressing her firmly on the bed, making her unable to move even if she wanted to.

his hot masculine breath hit her in the face and blocked her cry of surprise.

mu yichen lowered his head and pressed his lips against the petite woman’s pink and tender lips in his arms. he did not hold back his strength at all. in fact, he could not help but bite her when he was agitated.

the faint taste of blood in his mouth stimulated the bestiality in his bones even more, and the kiss became deeper and more brutal.

luo chenxi did not expect mu yichen to force a kiss upon disagreement!

furthermore, he kissed her so urgently and roughly.

even though mu yichen usually could not maintain his cold and aloof persona of a noble childe in bed and turned into a beast at every turn, it was rare for him to be as impatient as he was today.

it was as if he had an indescribable anxiety and fear in his heart. he couldn’t control his emotions and wanted to vent them out.

“hmmm…hmmm… hmmmm!”

in the beginning, luo chenxi struggled for a while. soon, she went limp due to the lack of oxygen.

after an unknown period of time, mu yichen raised his head slightly and released her lips.

luo chenxi was almost out of breath. she raised her head hastily and took in big gulps of the fresh air that she had gone through great difficulty to obtain.

however, she had yet to catch her breath when mu yichen pressed against her once again.

luo chenxi shuddered and reacted in time. she covered his mouth with her hand.

“you, you, you … what are you doing! ‘mu yichen, where’s your integrity?’ you haven’t even showered yet!”

mu yichen licked the corners of his lips.

his lips were still stained with blood, and under the dim light, this action looked particularly evil.

he fixed his gaze on luo chenxi’s petite face. he looked at her fair and tender skin and … the clear and innocent radiance in her eyes.

there were thousands of words in his heart, countless complicated emotions surging, but in the end, he still did not say anything.

today, when he heard about lu yajing’s so-called ” dark history “, he was indeed shocked.

however, the first thing that came to his mind was heartache.

the sharp, bone-piercing pain almost made him breathless.

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