1115 i wonder which blind man would abandon such a good girl

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it turned out that the secret that luo chenxi found difficult to speak of all this while was actually like this …

she had been pregnant four years ago and had given birth to a child!

even though mu yichen had already guessed that luo chenxi’s experience four years ago was certainly not a good thing and he might not even be able to accept it, he was still shocked when he heard the truth with his own ears!

it turned out that before he had seen it, before he had even met that stupid woman, she had experienced something like this …

he would be lying if he said that he was not jealous when he learned that luo chenxi was pregnant with another man’s child.

however, when he found out that she had returned to B city alone, was discriminated against by her family, and was chased out of the lu family …

and that man never appeared again …

mu yichen’s heart could not help but clench at the thought of this.

he wished he could travel back in time to four years ago, hold her thin body in his arms, and shelter her from the wind and rain.

she wondered which blind man would abandon such a good girl and let her face all these alone!

giving up on luo chenxi would be the worst decision he had ever made in his life.

however, it seemed like he should thank him.

if the other party had not been blind, it would have been impossible for him to meet luo chenxi and fall in love with her.

“mu yichen, you … why are you staring at me like that?”

luo chenxi felt uneasy under his constant gaze. she stared at the man before her nervously.

mu yichen suddenly pulled himself away from his complicated thoughts. he lowered his eyes slightly to conceal the deep and dark glow in his eyes.

he opened his mouth again, his voice even more hoarse. ” stupid woman, in your heart … “

he opened his mouth, but stopped.

luo chenxi blinked her large eyes. she was even more puzzled now. ” mu yichen, what are you trying to say? “

mu yichen closed his eyes. he pressed her shoulder and moved closer to her.

the distance between the two of them was less than a centimeter, and they could hear each other’s breathing.

mu yichen stared into luo chenxi’s eyes and asked softly, ” “stupid woman, how do you feel about me?”

luo chenxi was a little confused in the beginning. she widened her eyes and it was apparent that she could not react in time.

but immediately after, her little face turned red. she bit her lip and said, ” “mu yichen, have you taken the wrong medicine? we’re … we’re married! i … what other feelings could i have for you? we’re already an old couple, why are you still asking this kind of question? don’t stop taking the medicine, i’m telling you … wuwu!”

before luo chenxi could finish her words, the man who suddenly approached her covered her lips again.

the burning kiss once again took over her breath.

mu yichen’s kiss became even more intense while the emotions in his heart churned. he could only calm the anxiety in his heart when he touched the familiar softness.

that’s right, this stupid woman was right!

they … were already married …

thus, no one could possibly take luo chenxi away from his side.

no matter who the man was four years ago and what kind of experience he had with luo chenxi, it was all in the past …

mu yichen gradually relaxed.

at the same time, the kiss that was originally filled with anxiety gradually changed.

a familiar feeling emerged clearly from within her body. mu yichen’s large, slender, and powerful palm moved upward from luo chenxi’s slim waist without his control.

luo chenxi had just taken a shower, so she was only wrapped in a bath towel.

he had already let go of her after the entanglement just now.