1116 chapter 1120-if you don't go back on your word now, when?

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At present, mu Yichen had only used a little strength to pull the bath towel out from under her body and tossed it under the bed.

Luo Chenxi felt a chill all over her body. She suddenly woke up from the man’s passionate kiss.

” Mmm mmm … Mu … Mu Yichen, what are you doing? let … Let me go first … “

She pushed mu Yichen’s chest with great difficulty.

However, the man on top of her was too strong, and she couldn’t move no matter how hard she pushed.

Moreover, mu Yichen grabbed her slender wrist and pinned it to the top of her head.

” stupid woman, ” he laughed in a low voice. ” have you forgotten what you promised me at yiling’s house this morning? ” you’ve already taken the two puppies home. shouldn’t you pay them?”

“ah? what?”

luo chenxi broke out in a cold sweat when she suddenly recalled the incident at the time.

“ahem, this … mu yichen, can i discuss this with you? i’m really tired after playing with tang tang for the whole day. as for your reward … we’ll talk about it in a few days, okay? besides, you’ve been working hard all day. rest early and don’t keep thinking about such energy-consuming things …”

luo chenxi racked her brains in an attempt to deny this matter.

only god knew why she had agreed to such a shameful condition!

the moment she nodded, she regretted it.

if it wasn’t for the fact that the little dumpling was so excited to hug the puppy, she would have reneged on her debt on the spot …

now, the puppy had already set up a house in the mu family. if he didn’t renege on his debt now, when else could he?

however, it was apparent that luo chenxi had underestimated the man’s determination in this aspect.

“no! stupid woman, it’s not a good habit to go back on your word. as her parent, you have to lead tang tang well and be an honest and trustworthy person … come on, i’m waiting!”

“i …”

luo chenxi wanted to cry but had no tears.

the poor little white rabbit was gnawed on by the big bad wolf in a new way for the whole night.

moreover, mu yichen was exceptionally excited and unyielding today. no matter how she begged for mercy, he still pestered her in a domineering manner and kept demanding more from her.

by the time luo chenxi could finally heave a sigh of relief and take a nap, the sky outside had already brightened.

she was so exhausted that she fell asleep immediately after leaning on the pillow.

however, mu yichen was still hugging her tightly. his arms were wrapped around her waist tightly as he refused to let go.

even though he wanted to ask luo chenxi in person who the man was back then …

he still remembered how luo chenxi was in so much pain and agony back then. she refused to accept his proposal and she refused to tell him what happened in the past.

it was not hard to imagine how much of a psychological trauma this incident had caused to the stupid woman.

it would not do him any good to tell her about it. on the contrary, it would agitate luo chenxi and make her feel uncomfortable.

since that was the case, he might as well just pretend that nothing had happened.

mu yichen stared at luo chenxi in silence for a while.

luo chenxi appeared to be a little restless in her sleep. she kept moving her body and seemed to be mumbling something.

mu yichen leaned closer to listen.

” uncomfortable … uncomfortable … ” a mosquito-like voice was heard.

mu yichen was stunned for a moment. he shifted his gaze downward subconsciously. in the next second, an annoyed expression appeared on his face.

it was obvious that because of his uneasiness and anxiety, he didn’t control his strength well and caused the little woman under him to be a little miserable.

her body was covered in kiss marks.