1117 even the birthmark can grow in the same position

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moreover, his entire body was drenched in sweat.

it was apparent that she felt very uncomfortable. it was no wonder that luo chenxi could not sleep well.

a sense of guilt arose in mu yichen’s heart. he quickly got up and carried luo chenxi in his arms before walking into the bathroom.

he wanted to wipe her down while she was asleep so that she could sleep more comfortably.

however, he had clearly overestimated his self-control.

facing his wife’s near-perfect figure, he could not control his body’s instinctive reaction at all.

“damn it!”

mu yichen could not help but curse softly.

the feeling of being able to look but not eat was really too annoying!

however, he could only force himself to bear with it when he saw luo chenxi’s pitiable little face. he tried his best not to look at her body while he wiped her body as quickly as he could.

then, using the last of his willpower, he bent down and picked up his little woman …

“uh huh …”

luo chenxi mumbled and pushed his chest subconsciously.

mu yichen was caught off guard. he took a step backward and fell to the ground.

the small woman’s naked body in his arms was pressed against his body.

mu yichen could only feel a gush of hot air rush to his brain. ” stupid woman, you … you asked for this! “

he looked at luo chenxi who was in a daze. he grabbed her slender waist and turned her over to press her against the bathroom floor.

the next second, he suddenly stopped.

there was a look of surprise on his incomparably handsome face. he squinted his pitch-black, starry eyes as he fixed his gaze on the back of luo chenxi’s waist.

there was a red birthmark there.

even though the color was not dark, luo chenxi’s skin color was too fair. the birthmark was rather eye-catching due to the contrast.

luo chenxi’s birthmark was extremely sensitive. mu yichen liked to touch this part on purpose when they were in bed.

he had already seen this birthmark countless times.

however, this time, as he stared at the small red mark, his mind buzzed and he suddenly recalled a memory that had been sealed away for many years.

a few months ago, bai xinxin wanted to drive a wedge between him and that stupid woman, so she sent him an indecent video on purpose. it was later proven that the video was actually secretly taken by luo chenxin and her lover, reese.

at that time, he didn’t think much about it.

however, in retrospect, luo chenxin in the video also had the same birthmark on the back of her waist!

luo chenxi and luo chenxin were not twin sisters in the first place. even though they were related by blood, it was unusual for them to look so similar. even their birthmarks were in the same position. moreover, the color and size were exactly the same!

furthermore, that night more than four years ago, the night he and a mysterious woman had made little furball.

actually, he had been extremely drunk at the time and had a vague impression of the woman he had slept with. the only thing he remembered was the birthmark on her waist and the extremely sensitive reaction she had whenever that part of her body was touched …

at the thought of this, mu yichen stretched out his hand subconsciously and touched the birthmark on luo chenxi’s waist.

“um … you’re so annoying … go away …”

luo chenxi shuddered at once. her body began to tremble ever so slightly. at the same time, she stretched out her hand and waved it behind her back as if she was trying to drive away an annoying fly.

mu yichen retracted his hand in an instant as if he had been burned by fire. his face was filled with shock!

a shocking guess emerged in his mind!