1118 was the woman who had slept with him ... luo chenxin or ... luo chenxi?

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four years ago …

he was drunk and spent an unforgettable night with a woman with a birthmark on her waist.

luo chenxi was studying abroad when she suddenly got pregnant. she could not identify the father of the child yet.

on the other hand, luo chenxin and luo chenxi were so similar …

on that night four years ago, the woman who appeared in his room and slept with him … was she luo chenxin or … luo chenxi?

if the woman he had spent a night with was his beloved stupid woman, then could it be that the little dumpling was also …

it was fine if this thought did not appear, but once it appeared in his mind, it was as if it had taken root and could not be removed.

mu yichen’s mind was in a mess.

he told himself that it was highly unlikely that such a thing would happen. it was the result of his imagination that came to mind because he wanted to be the only one left in luo chenxi’s life force too much.

the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

after all, many things could be explained if luo chenxi was the little dumpling’s biological mother.

his little dumpling had always hated luo chenxin, so why was she so close to luo chenxi who had the same appearance as her? moreover, they were as close as mother and daughter the moment they met!

on the other hand, he was filled with disgust when he faced luo chenxin.

however, he could not control the impulses in his body and heart on multiple occasions when he looked at luo chenxi’s face that was identical to hers. in fact, he could not help but sleep with her on their wedding night.

he even blamed luo chenxi for drugging him at the time.

in fact, only he knew that the effects of the drug had worn off in the second half of the night, but he still had sex with the stupid woman for the whole night, until dawn …

mu yichen’s heart thumped so hard that it almost jumped out of his throat.

such a guess made him fall into an excited mood.

he even had the urge to shake luo chenxi awake immediately so that he could ask her about what happened four years ago.

however, in the end, his rationality still managed to gain the upper hand.

mu yichen gradually calmed down. he supported himself with his arms on the floor and sat up.

at this moment, he had long lost the impulse he had earlier.

he got up and bent over to carry luo chenxi. he wrapped her in a bath towel and dried her before he gently placed her back on the bed and covered her with the blanket.

his heart softened when he saw that luo chenxi was finally sleeping soundly this time with the corners of her lips curled up ever so slightly.

he lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning around and leaving the master bedroom.

it was already five in the morning.

the servants at home had already started to get busy.

aunt chen was extremely surprised to see mu yichen coming down. ” eldest young master, why are you so early today … “

“get the car ready, i’m going to the he family.”

“ah? but, it’s only five o ‘clock now … and you haven’t had breakfast yet …”

mu yichen did not say anything but walked straight out.

he got into the car and immediately called he jinsi.

“don’t jinx me!”

mu yichen could not bear to hear this. he could not even joke around. his face darkened immediately.

” jingsi, i’m on my way to your house. “

“what? what’s wrong?” he jinsi immediately sobered up.

“it’s about the incident that happened … four years ago when we were studying abroad in country F,” mu yichen said softly.