1119 that woman seemed to have disappeared into thin air

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he jinsi was slightly taken aback, and then he cried out in surprise, ” “what did you just say? four years ago … could it be that you’re talking about that incident?”

mu yichen squinted his eyes and took a glance at his chauffeur, old liu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“i’ll tell you the details when i get there,” he said.

even though old liu had been working for the mu family for many years, he still had to be cautious when it came to luo chenxi’s privacy and reputation.

not long after, the car stopped in a luxurious neighborhood.

the he family’s base camp was in S city, so he jinsi only bought a one-story apartment in the same neighborhood as mu yiling as a place to stay.

he jinsi was obviously not ready when mu yichen arrived. he had not even changed out of his pajamas.

“you’ve arrived so quickly? did he fly over?” when he opened the door and saw who it was, he was shocked.

mu yichen strode into the room with a frown.

as the door closed behind him, he asked, ” ” jingsi, do you still remember the time i got drunk in paris four years ago? “

he jinsi also frowned. ” yichen, what’s wrong with you? ” why did he suddenly ask about what happened four years ago? ‘the drunk night you mentioned … isn’t that the night you had sex with luo chenxin?’ of course i remember! if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have made such a mistake …”

as he jinsi spoke, he seemed to have recalled something, and his expression gradually darkened.

mu yichen had just graduated from his phd at MIT. he was preparing to return to china to take over the mu family.

if it was not because he jinsi had broken up at that time and forced him to accompany her to europe for a walk, luo chenxin would not have had the chance to plot against mu yichen.

even the day mu yichen got drunk, he was only there to accompany he jinsi, who was drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

in the end, something like that happened …

he jinsi had always felt that he had let mu yichen down because of this incident. he had caused his good friend to be entangled by a woman like luo chenxin, and he could not get rid of her no matter what.

he was only relieved when mu yichen and luo chenxi registered their marriage.

mu yichen hastily interrupted him, ” you don’t have to feel guilty. perhaps i’ll have to thank you properly! “

he jinsi smiled. ” that’s true. if it weren’t for me, would you have such a cute little angel like tang tang? “

mu yichen noticed that tang zui had misunderstood him, so he did not bother to explain. instead, he continued to ask anxiously,”i remember that i had to rush back to china the next day because my mom was sick. you were the one who took care of the follow-up … you said you didn’t find the hotel’s surveillance camera? what’s going on?”

he jinsi furrowed his straight eyebrows and tried hard to recall the situation.

“i went to check the surveillance the next day, but the hotel said that the surveillance system was broken that day and there was no record left. i’ve asked someone to check it out. there was indeed a problem with the surveillance system that day. the hotel didn’t lie. also, the manager told me that he did see a woman following you to the top floor that day.”

“at first, i was worried that you met someone who wanted to plot against you, so i stayed in paris for an extra month. i even told the hotel to inform me immediately if they saw the woman from that day appear. however, no one came to look for me and i couldn’t find any clues. it was as if that woman had disappeared into thin air.”

” i’ve been thinking about it. you’re most likely to be fancied by a girl from F country. “