1120 don't you think you should see a psychiatrist?

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the girls in F country were much more open-minded than those in hua country.

with mu yichen’s incomparably handsome face, his tall figure, and handsome silhouette that was rarely seen among eastern men, he was the focus of women’s attention no matter where he went.

every time they entered a bar in country F, countless women would be tempted and want to take the initiative to throw themselves at them.

however, he jinsi and mu yichen were not interested in them at all. one of them was heartbroken while the other was aloof. they did not give them any chance at all.

therefore, he jinsi thought that since the woman who had slept with mu yichen did not come over to blackmail him, she most likely did not know mu yichen’s true identity. she only took a fancy to his looks, so she took advantage of mu yichen’s drunkenness and slept with him.

” by the way, now that you mention it, i remember that i saw a sneaky woman at the hotel entrance after you left that day. i thought about it later, and she looked a little like luo chenxin. it’s just that she ran away as soon as she saw me, so i didn’t think much about it. sigh, it’s my carelessness that has harmed you!”

he jinsi did not expect that it was not that luo chenxin did not want to benefit from mu yichen, but she had a big plan up her sleeve. she had given birth to the child before she brought her daughter to his house.

what he was after was the throne of mrs. mu!

upon hearing this, mu yichen seemed a little agitated. he took a step forward. ” are you sure that the person you saw that day was luo chenxin? ” could it be … could it be …”

“what are you trying to say?” he jinsi looked at his friend in confusion.

mu yichen took a deep breath. ” could the person you saw at the entrance of the hotel the other day be my wife? “

he jinsi was stunned. ” your wife? you mean … luo chenxi?”

mu yichen nodded. ” don’t they look the same? “

he jinsi said,’aren’t you overthinking this? although i didn’t see luo chenxin’s face clearly that day, i only vaguely saw an asian woman’s figure, but luo chenxin is studying in country F, so i can match her! how could sis-in-law be in paris?”

mu yichen suddenly frowned and said in disappointment, ” you’re right, but … but i still think that the woman in my room that night is unlikely to be luo chenxin. it should be my chenxi! “

he jinsi’s eyes widened and he looked at him as if he was looking at a monster.

“i say … mu yichen, you’re not having a fever, are you? how could he have such an unrealistic fantasy? ‘i know that you and sis-in-law are truly in love. sis-in-law and tang tang are like mother and daughter. you really hope that the two of you are a real family of three. but, you can’t hypnotize yourself like this, right?’ don’t you think you should see a psychiatrist?”

as he jinsi spoke, he reached out and touched mu yichen’s forehead to test his body temperature.

mu yichen pushed his hand away at once. ” i don’t have a fever! he didn’t have any psychological problems! i just suddenly feel that there’s something suspicious about what happened back then. it might be completely different from what we thought at the beginning.”

back then, when the hotel’s surveillance camera was broken, they didn’t think much about it.

after luo chenxin brought tang tang to the mu family’s house, everyone thought that luo chenxin wanted to hide the fact that she had slept with mu yichen and secretly give birth to the child first. that was why she had thought of a way to destroy the hotel’s surveillance system.

now, from another perspective, luo chenxin’s purpose of hacking the surveillance cameras was even more complicated.