1121 why did she send luo chenxi to your bed instead of doing it herself?

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“what do you mean? speak clearly!” he jinsi urged.

mu yichen composed himself before he told her about his encounter with the lu family’s mother and daughter, as well as fu jiatong, at the mu group today.

he jinsi’s expression changed immediately when he heard that.

“what? fu jiatong actually brought two people to you and said such things! ‘mu yichen, don’t tell me that you can’t tell that she likes you! a woman would do anything to deal with her love rival. this kind of thing … was most likely fabricated to slander sister-in-law! i don’t believe that luo chenxi is someone who would engage in improper relationships. please don’t misunderstand her!”

mu yichen’s expression turned even uglier at once. the corners of his lips twitched. ” what made you think that i’d misunderstand my wife? of course, i knew that fu jiatong’s words were not reliable, so i sent someone to investigate. chenxi was really pregnant …”

“what? ” this … ” he jinsi’s mouth was wide open in shock.

she was about to say something when she heard mu yichen continue,”moreover, if we reverse the time of her pregnancy, it matches the time when i was drunk four years ago. in other words, if her child is born, it should be the same age as my tang tang!”

he jinsi was stunned. ” this … you mean … you’re not really suspecting that tang tang is sister-in-law’s child, are you? ” but if she was the one who gave birth to the child, how could she not know that you’re the child’s father? moreover, how did luo chenxin get her hands on the child? this doesn’t even make sense?”

“i think it’s probably just a coincidence. don’t think too much about it …”

he jinsi thought for a moment and shook his head.

mu yichen glanced at him. he hesitated for a moment before he continued to speak,”there’s another suspicious point. the woman i slept with back then had an obvious birthmark on her body. i always remember it very clearly. this birthmark … chenxi also had it! i don’t think this is a coincidence, right?”

“what?” he jinsi was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a long time.

it was only after a long time that he finally came back to his senses.

“if that’s the case … that’s a possibility …”

“it’s not just a possibility, i’m more than 80% confident!” “i’ve come to find you to confirm what happened that night.” what you’ve said should be enough to piece together the situation that day.”

” luo chenxin broke the hotel’s surveillance system on purpose and sent chenxi to my bed. then, she secretly took her away while i was drunk. after chenxi gave birth to tang tang, she stole the child and returned to T city. she pretended to be tang tang’s birth mother and forced me to marry her. this can also explain why she would mistreat tang tang. after all, she’s not her biological daughter …”

mu yichen mumbled to himself as he gradually analyzed the situation that day.

however, before he could finish, he jinsi interrupted him.

“wait, wait! i don’t think it’s that simple. don’t you think what you’re saying is illogical?”

mu yichen furrowed his brows ever so slightly. he had a look of displeasure on his face.

however, he jinsi wasn’t afraid of his cold face. he continued, ” “first of all, the biggest problem is, since there’s a chance to climb into your bed, do you think luo chenxin will miss it? why didn’t she sleep with you herself? why did she send luo chenxi to your bed instead?”