1122 can't you wake up?

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“that’s because …” he said.

mu yichen instinctively wanted to retort when he heard he jinsi’s doubts.

but when he opened his mouth, he was at a loss for words.

because he jinsi was right. it didn’t make sense and couldn’t be explained.

he jinsi glanced at him. ” also, do you think sis-in-law is the kind of person who’ll be manipulated by others? she would sleep with a stranger just because luo chenxin asked her to? she’d give birth just because he told her to? with sister-in-law’s personality, she would have blown luo chenxin’s head up a long time ago!”

” besides, when i was chatting with my sister-in-law last time, she mentioned that she knew luo chenxin before and didn’t know that she had an older sister. she was only acknowledged by luo anguo two weeks before she married you. she has nothing to do with luo chenxin at all!”

he jinsi’s words were reasonable and reasonable.

by the time he was done speaking, mu yichen’s expression was already ghastly to the extreme.

when she came to look for he jinsi just now, most of her excitement was instantly extinguished.

he jinsi looked at his gloomy and cold face, shook his head slightly, and sighed. he walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder.

“alright, yichen, we have to face reality. no one could have guessed sister-in-law’s past. however, i don’t think she’s the kind of girl who would mess around. you must listen to her explanation and don’t do anything that you’ll regret on impulse. and you can’t … make such unreasonable assumptions just to make yourself feel comfortable …”

when he jinsi saw mu yichen’s expression, he was reminded of the time when he was in so much pain that he wanted to die when he broke up with his girlfriend.

he could not help but sigh in his heart.

“how about i go to Secret with you for a drink? it’s better than you letting your imagination run wild. come, let’s go!”

he jinsi reached out to pull mu yichen up.

unexpectedly, mu yichen stood up from the sofa on his own. he took out his phone from his pocket and lowered his head to make a call.

he jinsi looked at his actions in confusion. ” yichen, who are you calling? ” don’t tell me you’re going to question sister-in-law?”

“no, i’ll give shixun a call,” mu yichen said expressionlessly.

“why are you calling him?” he jinsi was puzzled.

“luo chenxin is the only one who knows what happened four years ago. i must find out what she did to my chenxi at that time. shixun has been in country f for a long time. i heard that bai xinxin has been found. i’ll ask shixun to send luo chenxin back immediately. i want to ask her personally!”

he jinsi’s eyes widened as he looked at him in disbelief.

“mu yichen, y-y-you … i’ve already made myself clear just now, yet you’re still daydreaming here! can’t you wake up?”

he had always been a shrewd and steady childhood friend. why did his mind suddenly become so muddled when it came to matters related to luo chenxi?

it was fine for him to show off his affection on a normal day, but mu yichen had actually developed to the point of delirious!

this matter was troublesome!

however, mu yichen completely ignored he jinsi. his eyes were fixed on the phone.

he jinsi knew that he wouldn’t be able to persuade her, so he could only watch from the side.

the two of them did not speak for a moment.

a clear dial tone was heard from mu yichen’s phone.

however, for some reason, the phone rang again and again, but no one picked up.

in the end, the line was cut off.