1123 you want to do a dna test?

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mu yichen’s sharp brows were tightly knitted together. he did not believe in the rumors and made another call.

however, there was still a busy tone on the other end of the phone.

“damn it, what the hell is bai shixun doing? why did she seem to have disappeared ever since she went to country F? it’s fine if they don’t contact each other, but no one even picks up my phone calls!” he threw the phone on the table.

he jinsi quickly caught the phone and advised, ” “why are you venting your anger on the phone? it’s still night time in country F and he’s probably still sleeping. i’ll contact him again after a while.”

mu yichen took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down.

” no, i can’t wait that long. i must get to the bottom of this matter immediately! “

this matter concerned xiao tuanzi’s family background and luo chenxi’s past. he did not want to wait for even a minute. how could he possibly contact bai shixun slowly?

” shixun? ” he jinsi frowned and said, ” but we can’t find shixun now. there’s no other way … “

“no, there’s another way to know the truth immediately.” mu yichen interrupted him.

“what is it?”

“DNA test!” mu yichen opened his mouth and spat out a few words indifferently.

he jinsi was stunned. ” you want to do a dna test?! “

mu yichen said, ” i didn’t do it. it was tang tang and my wife. no matter what happened four years ago, blood ties don’t lie. we’ll know if the woman from that night was my wife after we do a dna test. “

in fact, luo chenxin had done a paternity test when she came to the mu family with the little dumpling.

however, only mu yichen and the little dumpling were tested at the time.

after all, most people would only think that someone would carry a child with a wild man and attach it to a rich young master. who would think that the woman who carried the child to the house might not be the child’s mother?

no one had considered the possibility that the little dumpling was not luo chen’s.

mu yichen turned around and walked toward the door after he finished speaking. he did not want to waste any more time.

as he walked, he said, ” i’ll go back first. help me contact the hospitals under the he corporation. i’ll ask zhuo feng to send tang tang and chenxi’s hair samples over later. the results must be out as soon as possible! “

he walked so quickly that he jinsi didn’t even have time to pull him back.

he could only chase after him and call out,”mu yichen, you … do you really want to do a DNA test? this … this is impossible. it’s useless even if you test it!”

he jinsi thought that this childhood friend of his was really crazy.

she thought that mu yichen had regained his senses after she analyzed the situation with him earlier.

she didn’t expect that he didn’t listen at all!

he still firmly believed that luo chenxi and the little dumpling were her biological mother and daughter.

“don’t say anymore. if you’re a brother, then do as i say!”

mu yichen did not even turn his head around. he walked out of the door and entered the elevator.

he jinsi chased after her for a few steps before stopping. ” sigh, she’s really crazy! men who fall into the net of love are indeed terrifying!”

even mu yichen, who had always been cold and calm, had become so unreasonable.

“however, since you insist on it, i’ll help you this once.”

mu yichen would only give up when the results were out and proved that the two of them were not related by blood. he should be able to regain his rationality by then.

he jinsi took out his phone and started to contact the hospital.

at the mu family’s villa.

in the master bedroom, luo chenxi opened her eyes when she heard the alarm clock ringing. she stretched herself.

in the end, she realized that she was in pain everywhere.