1124 little princess tang tang, don't you want your face?

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“mu yichen, you beast!”

luo chenxi’s expression was contorted. she could not help but spurn mu yichen.

she turned around and realized that the man beside her had disappeared.

moreover, half of the bed sheet was already cold. it was obvious that mu yichen had been up for a long time.

she could not help frowning.’that’s strange. why is mu yichen up so early? did something happen at the company? why didn’t you mention it yesterday?”

she had made an appointment with yan heng and the other main cast members of ” a magnificent turn ” today. she had especially woken up early and even set an alarm for this.

it was only seven o ‘clock in the morning.

‘mu yichen’s up already?’

luo chenxi’s mind was occupied with work, so she did not dwell on this matter. she turned around and went to the bathroom to wash up. she changed into her professional attire and put on some light makeup before she went downstairs.

in the end, she heard the little dumpling’s scream from the first floor while she was still on the stairs.

“wuwuwu …! it hurts! my hair hurts! stinky daddi, big bad guy, go away, go away!”

the little dumpling’s voice sounded like she was crying. she was full of disdain for mu yichen.

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment before she quickened her pace and ran downstairs. ” tang tang, what’s wrong with you? what happened?”

“big sister!”

as soon as luo chenxi appeared, the little dumpling jumped down from the sofa with a whoosh and pounced into her arms. she complained loudly.

” wuwuwu, big sister, daddi is bullying tang tang!! “

luo chenxi bent over and picked her up in a hurry. she coaxed her, ” ” tang tang, be good. daddi is so bad. big sister will help you scold him! “

the man sitting on the sofa immediately pulled a long face.

his wife didn’t even ask what was going on and wanted to help her daughter scold him!

who was the head of the family?

he didn’t even know that she was his biological daughter, but he already regarded the little dumpling as more important than him. what if the test results came out …

mu yichen was still in a daze when luo chenxi walked over to him. ” what’s wrong with you? why did you make tang tang cry?”

mu yichen snapped back to his senses and explained calmly,”i saw that you were exhausted last night, so i thought you wouldn’t be able to get up today and send tang tang to kindergarten. so, i wanted to help her comb her hair into a ponytail …”

in fact, pigtails was just an excuse. the more important reason was that he wanted to take advantage of the time when he was combing his hair to get two strands of xiao tuanzi’s hair as material for the paternity test.

he did not expect that luo chenxi would only need two minutes to braid the little dumpling’s hair.

when he started, he realized that the difficulty was so high!

with a casual pull, the little dumpling lost not just two strands of hair, but a handful …

the little guy started to cry unceremoniously.

he didn’t manage to coax her properly and was caught red-handed by his wife.

luo chenxi lowered her head to take a look. as expected, the little dumpling’s hair was a mess. even though a pearl hair clip was clipped on the top of her head, the hair at the back of her head was all perked up.

the corners of luo chenxi’s lips twitched. ” don’t mess around if you don’t know how to braid your hair. just let aunt chen help you! ” our tang tang is so pretty, how can she go out with such a braid?”

the little dumpling lay in luo chenxi’s arms and nodded repeatedly. ” i’m vegetarian. daddy’s bad! “

actually, she had cried so sadly just now. the pain from being scratched was secondary. the main reason was that she felt that it was too embarrassing to go to kindergarten with such ugly hair!

what if brother shaoxuan and other good-looking boys saw her?

she, little princess tang tang, didn’t want to save face?

“come, big sister will help you comb it again.”