1125 this stinky man ... was he addicted to bullying her?

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luo chenxi carried the little dumpling and sat on the sofa. she combed her hair into two braids in no time and even tied her hair with a red ribbon.

the little dumpling touched her hair, looked at herself in the mirror, and finally smiled through her tears.

he then went to have breakfast with luo chenxi.

mu yichen was completely ignored by them and cast aside.

however, he wasn’t as angry as he usually was. on the contrary, looking at the adult and the child being so intimate, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and his eyes seemed to be deep in thought.

the more they looked at each other, the more they looked like a mother and daughter.

although he jinsi thought he was crazy to make such an unreliable guess, he felt that his intuition could not be wrong.

mu yichen stood up and walked toward the dining room when he saw the two of them seated at the dining table.

when he walked past luo chenxi, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a strand of her hair. he exerted some force …

“aiyo! what are you doing?” luo chenxi turned around to glare at him in pain.

this stinky man … was he addicted to bullying her?

he had been oppressing her for the entire night last night, and now he was going against her today!

mu yichen had a serious expression on his face.”stupid woman, why are you glaring at me? i saw that you had a strand of white hair and kindly helped you pull it out. it’s fine if you don’t thank me, but you actually glared at me? you really don’t know what a good person is like!”

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment. she widened her eyes soon after with a terrified expression. i have white hair!”

she was only twenty-three years old!

he actually had white hair!

she must have been angered by this stinky man in front of her!

luo chenxi was worried that she would age prematurely, so she could not be bothered to denounce mu yichen anymore. she finished her meal quickly and ran upstairs to look at herself in the mirror.

mu yichen seized the opportunity when she was not paying attention to pass the hair sample he had just collected to zhuo feng who was waiting at the entrance.

” take him to the he family hospital as soon as possible. don’t waste a single minute on the road, do you hear me? “

zhuo feng nodded. ” yes, young master. don’t worry! “

mu yichen heaved a sigh of relief after the test samples were sent away.

but immediately after, he became even more anxious.

normally, it would take at least 24 hours to get the results from a dna test.

although the he family’s hospital would definitely give him an urgent treatment, it would still take a few hours to know the results.

the past few hours had been too hard to bear …

meanwhile, luo chenxi was holding the little dumpling’s hand in one hand and carrying a sl bag in the other. they came down from the second floor and walked toward the villa’s main entrance.

mu yichen immediately frowned. ” you’re going out? “

luo chenxi blinked. ” that’s right. tang tang is going to kindergarten today. i’ll send her there. ” by the way, i have an appointment with the crew today to discuss the script and costume. i don’t know how long it will take, so i might be back late tonight. if you don’t come home for dinner, i’ll call and tell you.”

mu yichen pursed his lips with a displeased expression. ” what? you’re still not coming home for dinner?”

luo chenxi had a matter-of-fact expression on her face. ” if there are too many things to handle, i might not be able to make it back for dinner. ” this time, the competition between me and fu jiatong has been hyped up by the media. although fu jiatong doesn’t say anything now, there are many people waiting to see me make a fool of myself. i must make good achievements and not let others look down on me!”

as she spoke, she winked at mu yichen. ” hubby, you’ll support me, won’t you? “