1126 i have something very important to tell you!

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mu yichen did not even go to the office because he was feeling anxious. he went home on purpose so that he could stay by his wife and daughter’s side.

in the end, his wife was so focused on her work that she didn’t have the time to bother with him.

as for the daughter …

the little dumpling tugged at luo chenxi’s clothes and urged her anxiously, ” ” hurry up, big sister. tang tang and brother shaoxuan have agreed to meet at the entrance. he said he brought some delicious food for tang tang! “

when would that rascal of the bo family graduate from kindergarten?

just as mu yichen was grumbling, luo chenxi had already said, ” “honey, we’re leaving. see you tonight!”

then, she left the house with the little dumpling.

mu yichen had the intention to pull them back, but he did not do so after some thought.

the results of the dna test were not out yet, so everything was just his guess.

even though he was 80% sure that the result would be as he expected, there was still 20% uncertainty.

what if xiao tuanzi was really not luo chenxi’s child …

let’s wait until tonight.

luo chenxi sent the little dumpling to the kindergarten and watched her walk through the main entrance with bo shaoxuan.

only then did he instruct the driver, old liu, to turn around and meet with the main creative staff of ” a magnificent turn. “

when the crew saw her, they were all full of smiles.

“xingchen, you’ve finally come! come in quickly, come in quickly.”

yan heng introduced the crew members to her. ” xingchen, you’ve met producer fan and co-director li before. the rest of them are important members of our crew. this is … “

yan heng pointed to a woman in her thirties sitting at the conference table.

” i know that. it’s teacher lan zhi, the original author of ‘a magnificent turn’! “

luo chenxi was excited all of a sudden. ” teacher lan zhi was my idol when i was a young girl! i like every one of your works, and i’m really honored to be able to participate in the filming of ‘gorgeous turn’. i’ll do my best to make every set of clothes in the movie.”

lan zhi did not expect luo chenxi to be so approachable despite being the young mistress of the richest family in the country. she was slightly surprised, but she immediately laughed out loud.

” xingchen, you’re too kind. i’ve been paying attention to your designs. i believe we’ll have a good time working together. “

after getting to know each other, they didn’t waste any time and quickly began to discuss.

luo chenxi had received the entire script of ‘a magnificent turn’ after she was selected. she studied it in detail overnight.

according to the script, the male and female protagonists needed to wear more than a dozen sets of clothing for various occasions.

apart from that, some of the clothing that would be used in the fashion show would be sponsored by brands, and some would need to be redesigned.

today’s discussion was to determine the specific requirements for some of the designs.

luo chenxi was very serious. she took notes in her notebook as she listened.

time passed by unknowingly.

it was almost seven o ‘clock in the evening when the meeting ended.

fan yinghua stood up. ” it’s so late. let’s all stay for dinner. i’ve already booked a table at the restaurant next door. “

luo chenxi was about to agree when her cell phone rang all of a sudden.

she lowered her head and saw that it was mu yichen.

“stupid woman, what time is it? why haven’t you come back yet?”

luo chenxi consoled him hastily, ” my dear, didn’t i tell you this morning? i’ll be home late today …”

“come back immediately, i have something important to tell you!”

mu yichen urged her in an anxious tone while he held a thick file in his hand.