1127 yichen, you're really a god this time!

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“ah? but … but, mu yichen, i’m not done with my work yet …”

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment before she quickly spoke.

however, before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by the man. ” you’re having a meeting at the SL group building, right? i’ll come and pick you up immediately, you’re not allowed to run around! did you hear me?”

“ah? don’t come over, i’m not planning to … hey hey hey, don’t hang up!”

luo chenxi was about to refuse when the call was hung up.

“what’s mu yichen up to this time? didn’t we talk about this this morning?”

half an hour ago, at the mu group.

he jinsi sped all the way to mu yichen’s office.

his handsome face was filled with shock.

she sized mu yichen up from head to toe a few times as soon as she entered the room.

mu yichen allowed tang wulin to size him up expressionlessly. he waited for a while before he asked in a slightly impatient tone,”are the results of the dna test out?”

only then did he jinsi snap back to his senses and throw the document bag in his hand on the table.

“see for yourself!”

a crack finally appeared on mu yichen’s calm face. his hand that was pressing on the document folder trembled slightly, revealing the excitement and uneasiness in his heart.

he pulled out the test report, skipped the various data analysis, and jumped directly to the final test result.

“the hospital has confirmed that the person supporting the test is the biological mother of the child.”

mu yichen’s body did not move at all when he saw the line of words. he stood frozen on the spot.

although he had already guessed it, he was still indescribably excited when he saw the results.

countless complicated emotions surged into his heart. other than joy, there was also a trace of heartache and pain.

it turned out that the ‘scumbag’ who made luo chenxi pregnant and caused her to lose her degree and future was him!

mu yichen did not know whether he should cry or laugh when he recalled how he had cursed this scumbag who had hurt the woman he loved.

” stupid woman … i didn’t expect that our fate had already been decided four years ago … “

mu yichen clutched the appraisal report in his hand tightly. he was extremely excited.

he jinsi had been observing his expression and reaction from the side.

seeing how excited he was, she couldn’t help but say, ” “yichen, you’ve really become a god this time! ‘how did you guess that luo chenxi is tang tang’s biological mother?’ such an unscientific thing was actually true! when i saw the results, i thought i was still sleeping!”

she initially thought that mu yichen was muddleheaded because he loved his wife too much. in the end, he was the one who was slapped in the face.

mu yichen darted his good friend a glance. the corners of his lips curled up ever so slightly beyond his control.

“intuition … do you understand? she’s my woman, so of course i have a connection with her. a single dog like you won’t understand.”

“i’ll go!”

when he jinsi heard that, he couldn’t help but curse.

he had worked so hard to give mu yichen ideas and help him do a dna test. in the end, not only did he not get any benefits, but he was also fed dog food?

the corners of his mouth twitched. ” if you could sense it, why did you only know that the person you slept with wasn’t luo chenxin today? “

mu yichen’s expression changed.

this stab was really hateful and accurate.

he scoffed coldly. ” at least i know who the woman i like is! i told you, even if i’m drunk, it’s impossible for me to sleep with a woman like luo chenxin. my taste is not that bad!”