1128 it was no different from a nightmare that was hard to wake up from!

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he jinsi couldn’t help but chuckle.

however, he did not continue to stab mu yichen when he considered the fact that the knot in mu yichen’s heart had finally been untied after so many years.

instead, he asked,”although the results are here, i still don’t understand. what exactly happened four years ago?” i still can’t explain the three questions i asked earlier!”

mu yichen furrowed his brows upon hearing that. however, he soon calmed down.

” we’ll investigate this matter in the future. it’s not important. i just want to know that tang tang is my and chenxi’s biological daughter! “

no wonder he felt that the little dumpling looked very similar to luo chenxi.

not only did they look alike, but their personalities were also very similar.

they were usually smart, cute, and cute, but at critical moments, they had a black-bellied and overbearing side, and they were very agile.

both of them were especially talented in art and had a very high aesthetic standard.

‘they both like sweets, like …’

there were too many similarities between the two.

in comparison, luo chenxin had nothing in common with xiao tuanzi except for their similar looks.

since a long time ago, mu yichen had always had the feeling that the little dumpling and luo chenxi were the biological mother and daughter!

and all of this was not his illusion.

the more mu yichen thought about it, the happier he felt. he almost could not control the excitement in his heart. he stood up from his chair and picked up his suit jacket before he walked out of the office.

he jinsi quickly called out to him, ” wait, yichen. where are you going? “

mu yichen did not stop walking. he answered casually,”i have to inform luo chenxi of this good news as soon as possible. this woman was really stupid. she didn’t even know that her biological daughter was right in front of her and thought that she couldn’t have children! he clearly won the bid in one try!”

of course, it could also be because he was too powerful.

mu yichen felt smug in his heart. he gave luo chenxi a call immediately and told her that he would be picking her up to bring her home.

then, he hung up the phone without waiting for luo chenxi’s reply.

“alright, my wife is still waiting for me. i’ll go first. for today’s matter … with our friendship, i won’t say thank you.”

seeing that he was about to leave, he jinsi hurriedly said, ” “hey, wait! yichen, are you sure you want to tell sis-in-law about this?”

mu yichen did not expect him to say that. he stopped in his tracks and frowned slightly. ” what do you mean? if you don’t say it directly, how else do you want to say it?”

he jinsi glanced at him and said meaningfully, ” “what happened that night was a good thing for you. you spent a night with the woman you liked, and she even gave birth to such a lovely daughter for you. you took advantage of her! however, that might not be the case for sis-in-law …”

“what do you mean not necessarily? she also …”

mu yichen spoke subconsciously, but he stopped halfway through his sentence. the expression on his face turned stiff at once.

that was because he suddenly realized that he jinsi was right.

when luo chenxi rejected his proposal the last time, he realized that she was keeping the incident from four years ago a secret. she would rather break up with him than to mention the incident that happened in the past.

however, it was normal for her to be like this.

after all, to luo chenxi, she was raped and was pregnant with an unknown man’s child. later on … the child was taken away by someone with ulterior motives.

this was no different from a nightmare that she would never wake up from when she was only 18 years old!