1129 a man who pampers his wife as much as his life is really too unreasonable!

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also, luo chenxi had mentioned that she had lost a lot of blood due to the car accident. as a result, she could no longer conceive. she had even used that as a reason to reject him.

mu yichen did not think much of it at the time.

however, now that he thought about it, luo chenxi’s infertility should be the after-effect of giving birth to tang tang …

thinking of this, a sharp pain suddenly streaked across his heart.

his stupid woman had given birth to xiao tuanzi alone somewhere, and she might have even bled a lot because of it.

and he, the man who was supposed to be by her side, had long forgotten about her …

mu yichen was deeply vexed at the moment.

he regretted that he did not pay more attention back then. he did not insist on staying in country F to investigate the matter thoroughly and look for luo chenxi.

if he had known the truth back then, he would have gotten together with that stupid woman a long time ago. luo chenxi would not have to suffer at all.

perhaps tang tang already had a few younger brothers and sisters.

however, it was too late to regret now.

the truth was that the incident four years ago was just a painful memory for luo chenxi …

and this pain was brought to her by him.

he jinsi pursed his lips when he saw mu yichen’s gloomy expression. he consoled him, ” yichen, i’m just reminding you not to be too rash. you don’t have to worry too much. ” to be honest, you were also a victim back then, and you didn’t know anything about what happened! sis-in-law loves you so much. as long as you think of the right way and explain it to him, she will definitely forgive you.”

he jinsi was puzzled. ” what is it? “

” it happened four years ago … ” mu yichen furrowed his straight brows. ” we still can’t find out what happened back then. i don’t know what happened to chenxi. ” just like you said, everything that happened back then was strange, and there were many things that couldn’t be explained.”

he jinsi was obviously a bystander. after thinking for a while, he had an idea.

“in this matter, the people involved are the clearest. ” among them, you’re completely out of the picture. the remaining two parties are sister-in-law and luo chenxin. i’ll try to contact shixun again, and you … you can try to find out more from sis-in-law … she must know something.”

upon hearing this, mu yichen immediately rejected the idea without even thinking.

” i don’t want to mention those things when i’m not confident. if i agitate my chenxi, will you be responsible? “

young master mu’s tone was unfriendly, and he couldn’t help but glare at he jinsi.

he jinsi was speechless.

a man who doted on his wife as much as his life was really too unreasonable!

“i’m not asking you to provoke sis-in-law, i’m just asking you to test her. can’t you be more indirect? what’s more, what happened four years ago is a hurdle that you can’t get around between you and sis-in-law. you’ll have to talk about it in the end, and you can’t avoid it. “

mu yichen’s expression was gloomy. he stood on the same spot for a long time without nodding or shaking his head.

at that moment, zhuo feng called.

” young master, you said you were going to pick up young madam. may i know when we’re leaving? “