1130 what a pig teammate!

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mu yichen squinted his eyes. ” i’ll be down right away. “

he turned back to look at he jinsi and quickly said, ” “alright, i have to go and pick up my wife. about the dna test … you must keep it a secret for me. i don’t want my wife to know about this from other people.”

he jinsi nodded. ” don’t worry. i know what’s important. “

“also, find bai shixun quickly and ask him to bring luo chenxin back to me! no one should know this better than luo chenxin!”

” alright, i’ll try my best. you take care of sister-in-law first. “

after mu yichen left, he jinsi furrowed his brows deeply in a place where mu yichen could not see.

in fact, he had already called bai shixun a few times today, but none of his calls went through.

although bai shixun was usually a little unreliable, he had never been uncontactable.

he thought about how bai shixun was in country F, which was thousands of miles away, and that he still had to get him out of the hands of the local underground forces …

he jinsi suddenly felt a little uneasy.

hopefully … he was overthinking it.

luo chenxi hung up the phone with a ghastly expression on her face.

‘this man, mu yichen … isn’t he a little too overbearing?’

yan heng and the rest had already walked to the entrance of the conference room. he turned around when he saw luo chenxi falling behind alone.

“xingchen, what’s wrong?”

luo chenxi gritted her teeth and said,”well … director yan, producer fan, and teacher lan zhi, i can’t have lunch with you anymore …”

lyndin’s face revealed a look of pity. ” what’s wrong? do you have anything on tonight? can i reject it? it’s rare that the main cast and crew are all here. let’s have a meal together and get to know each other.”

“that’s right, xingchen, let’s go together!”

“it’s just dinner, it won’t take long.”

luo chenxi had a troubled expression on her face.

she really wanted to agree to everyone’s request, but she was a married woman. she even had such a domineering and jealous husband at home …

lan zhi observed her for a while and guessed a little. ” xingxing, is it because the mu family has strict rules that young master mu doesn’t allow you to eat out? “

“uh, this …”

luo chenxi truly did not feel like nodding.

although lyndin’s guess was pretty close, if she admitted it, wouldn’t she lose face?

she was an independent and professional woman. why didn’t she have this little freedom?

“i’m mainly worried that no one will pick our daughter up. alright, i’ll tell my parents that i won’t be coming home for dinner today.”

luo chenxi made another call back to the mu family’s villa.

tan yueru was very supportive. she patted her chest and told her not to worry about the little dumpling.

luo chenxi heaved a sigh of relief. she quickly caught up with the film crew members in an attempt to slip away before mu yichen arrived.

however, the heavens obviously did not want to stand on her side.

she had just gone downstairs and walked to the entrance of SL holdings when a familiar black sports car stopped not far away.

the car door opened, and a tall and imposing figure appeared in front of everyone.

luo chenxi shuddered at once. she shrunk back and hid behind yan heng. at the same time, she quickened her pace in an attempt to slip through.

he muttered in his heart, i can’t see it, i can’t see it …

unfortunately, the rest of the crew could not understand her intentions at all.

when yan heng saw mu yichen, he immediately greeted him in surprise, ” “young master mu! what are you doing here? what a coincidence!”

mu yichen’s gaze fell upon luo chenxi. he squinted his dark eyes ever so slightly.

luo chenxi wanted to cry but had no tears.

what a pig-like teammate!