1131 mrs. mu and young master mu are really in love!

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however, it was too late to say anything now.

luo chenxi had no choice but to brace herself. she turned toward mu yichen’s direction and forced a smile on her face.

” my dear husband, you’re so busy with work, but you still took the time to pick me up. i’m so touched … actually, you don’t have to go through so much trouble … “

“it’s no trouble at all,” mu yichen strode toward her and looked down at her from above. ” after all, my wife won’t even go home if i can’t make time … “

luo chenxi met the man’s dangerous gaze. she felt her legs go weak subconsciously.

she laughed dryly and said,”hehe, hubby, you’ve misunderstood. how could i not go home?” today was just … just a coincidence. it was the first time that all the main creative staff of the crew had arrived, so it didn’t take much time for everyone to have a meal together. don’t be such a wet blanket …”

mu yichen raised his eyebrows upon hearing this.

he turned around and looked at yan heng and fan yinghua who were standing next to luo chenxi. ” what’s wrong? did i dampen your spirits?”

since young master mu had asked, who would dare to nod?

yan heng and fan yinghua both shook their heads like rattle-drums.

“no, no, how could that be? young master mu, please …”

“the gathering is voluntary, so it won’t affect the work of the crew if you don’t attend. since mrs. mu is busy, why don’t you go back with your husband?”

“that’s right, mrs. mu. you can’t just focus on work. you have to take care of your family. young master mu is such a good husband, where can we find him?”

luo chenxi almost vomited a mouthful of blood!

these people … why were they all so easily swayed?

they had just encouraged her to stay for dinner, but when they saw young master mu in person, they immediately cowered, and their attitudes took a 180-degree turn!

he sold her out in minutes.

mu yichen’s eyes flickered ever so slightly. he looked at luo chenxi with a cold expression. ” how is it, mrs. mu? it’s time to go home? our daughter is still waiting for you at home!”

“hehe, mrs. mu and young master mu are so loving!”

” yeah, yeah. i’m really envious. “

“xingchen, hurry up and go. don’t let young master mu wait too long.”

” xingchen, i had a good chat with you today. let’s talk next time! “

under the pressure of young master mu’s powerful aura, the members of the film crew spoke one after another. they bid luo chenxi farewell in a hurry. they were so close to pushing her into mu yichen’s arms.

luo chenxi was speechless.

what kind of people were these!

however, after seeing young master mu’s cold and handsome face, she … also gave up.

“hubby, thank you for coming to pick me up. you’re so good to me!”

for the sake of her small waist, she should not go against the devil …

luo chenxi stretched out her hand and took the initiative to hook her arm around mu yichen’s. she leaned toward him.

mu yichen’s expression turned for the better. he wrapped his arm around luo chenxi’s waist and chuckled softly, ” “you still know that i’m good to you, so i didn’t dote on you for nothing!”

luo chenxi gritted her teeth when she heard his infuriating tone.

however, she was forced to obediently follow him into the car.

luo chenxi initially thought that mu yichen would be ‘punished’ severely by being crushed on the back seat of the car after being caught by him today, knowing his character.

who would have known that mu yichen would suddenly fall silent after he got into the car?

he stared at her for a long time, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything.

along the way, the sports car was eerily quiet.

just as luo chenxi was filled with suspicion, the car stopped.