1132 with them around, what more could he ask for?

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at the mu family’s villa.

tan yueru had already picked up the little dumpling from the kindergarten, and the family was already sitting at the dining table, ready to eat.

she was very surprised to see mu yichen and luo chenxi returning home all of a sudden. ” daughter-in-law, didn’t you say that the production team is having a dinner gathering and you won’t be coming back for dinner? “

luo chenxi laughed drily. ” uh, that … i’ve changed my mind at the last minute … “

although she didn’t say it clearly, tan yueru saw her son standing there with a cold face, so how could she not understand?

he could not help but glare at mu yichen.

“you little brat, you’re bullying my daughter-in-law again, right?”

mu yichen was already used to tan yueru’s favoritism, so his expression did not even change.

the little dumpling jumped down from her high chair when she saw luo chenxi. she pounced toward her in excitement and hugged her thigh.

“big sister, did you come back to accompany tang tang for meals?”

luo chenxi hugged the little dumpling and kissed her toot little face. ” of course, i missed tang tang, so i went home earlier. “

upon saying that, she glanced at mu yichen in a provocative manner on purpose.

however, to her surprise, mu yichen was not as arrogant as he usually was. on the contrary, the corners of his lips curled up ever so slightly while his eyes flickered as he watched her and the little dumpling.

he noticed luo chenxi’s gaze so he strode toward her. he spread his strong arms and pulled her and the little dumpling into his arms.

luo chenxi was stunned as she did not expect him to behave in such a manner all of a sudden.

the little dumpling was a little unhappy. she kicked her short legs, trying to kick her father away.

” daddi, go away. you’re pressing on tang tang! “

however, not only did mu yichen not let go, but he exerted even more force and held the two of them tightly in his arms.

feeling the warmth of the mother and daughter, his chaotic and uneasy mood for the whole day finally settled down.

no matter what, at least he was lucky enough.

his beloved woman and adorable daughter were by his side. they were the happiest family of three.

with them around, what else could he ask for?

luo chenxi noticed that something was wrong with him. she frowned slightly and pushed his chest. ” mu yichen, what’s wrong with you? ” let me go, it’s time to eat! the dishes will be cold by the time we finish.”

mu yichen did not answer. he hugged them for a while more before he relaxed his grip.

he lowered his head and kissed luo chenxi on the cheek before he turned around and went to the dining room.

tan yueru stared at luo chenxi. she was grinning from ear to ear. ” tsk, tsk. i didn’t expect my son to dote on his wife so much even though he’s usually so arrogant. “

mu yichen raised his chin slightly and pulled out a chair for luo chenxi personally.

“have a seat.”

luo chenxi could not help but shiver.

‘did mu yichen … take the wrong medicine today?’

he was still so happy after being despised by her and madam tan?

her little animal instincts told her that something was wrong, very wrong …

however, mu yichen seemed to have returned to his normal self after they started eating.

other than looking at her from time to time, he did not do anything unusual.

as usual, luo chenxi carried the little dumpling to the children’s room to play after she was done feeding her.

after the little dumpling fell asleep, she returned to the master bedroom and wanted to use the time before bed to study the script.

she did not expect to see mu yichen standing in front of the window as soon as she pushed the door open. he was looking at the pitch-black night sky outside with a profound gaze.

luo chenxi was startled. ” mu yichen, what are you doing? “