1133 it was as if he had returned to that dark, chaotic, and painful night many years ago

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mu yichen turned his head and looked at her deeply.

he had been standing there for more than two hours, thinking about the conversation he had with he jinsi in the evening.

the struggle in his heart grew more intense when he saw luo chenxi and the little dumpling being intimate with each other.

on one hand, he wanted to let luo chenxi know that she and the little dumpling were truly mother and daughter. they were a family of three and no one could ever separate them again.

but on the other hand, he jinsi’s words were still echoing in his mind.

the stupid woman and the little dumpling were no different from their biological mother and daughter anyway. was there a need for him to tell the truth at the risk of being kicked out of the house by his wife?

luo chenxi felt goosebumps on her back when mu yichen was staring at her.

“uh, that … you’re sleeping so early today? then … you go to sleep first, i won’t disturb you. i’ll go to the studio next door …”

before she could finish her sentence, mu yichen had already strode up to her.

he grabbed her wrist and stopped her from escaping.

“stupid woman, there’s something i want to talk to you about.”

mu yichen’s gaze fell on her fair and delicate face. his thin lips parted slightly.

luo chenxi raised her head in puzzlement. she suddenly puffed up her cheeks and asked in an overbearing manner, ” “what is it? mu yichen, you’ve been acting really strange these past two days. don’t tell me you’ve really done something to let us down!”

mu yichen was stunned for a moment upon hearing this.

wasn’t it because he had done something wrong to them that he felt so guilty?

luo chenxi noticed that he was in a daze. she seized the opportunity to withdraw her hand in an attempt to slip away.

this preemptive strike was indeed useful!

however, mu yichen grabbed her slender waist and pulled her back just as she sneaked to the door.

“stupid woman, wait! i really have something to tell you!”

luo chenxi frowned. ” what’s the matter? “

mu yichen pursed his lips and pondered how he should say it. ” hmm … stupid woman, have you … been to paris? “

as soon as the question left his mouth, mu yichen could clearly feel that the petite figure in his arms had become extremely stiff in a split second.

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment before she found her voice. her lips trembled ever so slightly as she made a barely audible sound.

“why … why are you asking … this kind of question?”

mu yichen regretted it the moment he asked the question.

this was because luo chenxi’s reaction was too intense. the color of blood drained completely from her petite face which was initially pale with a tinge of red.

the terrified expression on her face and the stiff reaction of her body all showed her fear and uneasiness.

mu yichen quickly corrected himself. ” ahem, that … it’s nothing, actually. i was just thinking that we haven’t had our honeymoon after we got our marriage certificate. since the company is free now, i thought of taking you to europe. why? don’t you like paris? didn’t they say that … women all liked paris? especially a professional in the fashion industry like you.”

“i …”

luo chenxi opened her mouth. she did not know how to answer him for a moment.

when she heard mu yichen mention paris, she felt as if all the blood in her body had been drained dry at that very moment.

it was as if he had returned to that dark, chaotic, and painful night many years ago.

she had once thought that she had completely forgotten that nightmare.