1134 mu yichen, do you know something?

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mu yichen’s heart clenched when he saw her face turning paler.

he could guess that the incident that happened that night was a huge blow to the stupid woman just by looking at her reaction.

the mere mention of paris made luo chenxi feel terrible.

if … if she knew that he was the man who had raped her …

mu yichen’s remaining curiosity was suppressed by his heartache.

he was really courting death to ask such a question.

the truth of what happened back then wasn’t important. what was important was that the three of them were happy together.

why would he want to destroy such a peaceful life?

mu yichen hastily hugged his little woman tightly and said,”ahem, you don’t like paris? it seems that i have misunderstood. let’s go to another place for our honeymoon. you can tell me where you like to go and i’ll go with you. by the way, if you don’t have any special place you want to go, i have two private islands in the pacific ocean. we can stay on the islands for a while.”

mu yichen spoke quickly in an attempt to change the topic to the honeymoon.

on the other hand, luo chenxi was still in a daze and she did not move at all.

mu yichen listed a few more ideal vacation destinations.

…”any of these places will do. however, we have to make this clear first. a honeymoon is a honeymoon and you can’t bring tang tang with you. this little fellow is the best at acting cute and pitiful, you can’t be soft-hearted.”

luo chenxi pursed her lips and did not speak.

mu yichen looked at her pale skin that was almost transparent. he felt uneasy in his heart. ” stupid woman, are you listening to me? “

“mu yichen,”

it was only then that luo chenxi called out his name softly.

mu yichen moved closer to her. ” huh? what’s wrong?”

luo chenxi took a deep breath. ” mu yichen, do you know something? ” about … what happened to me in paris four years ago?”

mu yichen was stunned upon hearing this.

he had never imagined that he had already thought so much about it and tried his best not to reveal his true intentions, and that he had even said so much later to try and change the topic.

however, luo chenxi saw through him.

luo chenxi stared at his dazed, handsome face. she clenched her teeth and continued to speak, ” “you’ve been acting weird since yesterday. today, your actions, expressions, and tone are all different from usual. i was just thinking why you were so strange. when you asked me if i’ve been to paris, i finally understood …”

despite that, mu yichen’s behavior was only slightly different from his usual self.

however, as young master mu’s bedmate, luo chenxi felt that she understood him very well.

to be able to make such a strong and steady man so uneasy, this matter … was most likely related to her.

mu yichen knew that he could no longer hide the truth after luo chenxi exposed him on the spot. he could only say, ” “alright, stupid woman, don’t get too excited. listen to me … i’ve heard some rumors about you. last night, fu jiatong brought your aunt and cousin to the mu group to stop me …”

mu yichen briefly explained what happened in the garage the other day.

“stupid woman, don’t get me wrong. i don’t blame you …” he said in a low voice.

“i know,” on the other hand, luo chenxi appeared to be rather calm. ” i wanted to tell you these things before we got married. you’re the one who didn’t want me to say it. “