1135 she was so young and reckless back then

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mu yichen’s handsome and jet-black eyebrows were tightly knitted together. ” stupid woman, you really don’t have to … “

he was halfway through his sentence when he felt a soft little hand pressing on his lips, stopping him from finishing his sentence.

“no, i want to tell you.” luo chenxi raised her head and met his deep, black eyes. she spoke in a determined tone.

even though she could still feel the pain in her heart when she recalled the unbearable scene in the past, luo chenxi understood that she could not keep these things from mu yichen forever.

she was already married to mu yichen.

as her husband, mu yichen had the right to know about the things that happened to her.

mu yichen’s furrowed brows did not loosen, but he could not come up with any words to refute her. he could only look at her quietly.

luo chenxi closed her eyes and recalled for a while before she slowly spoke.

” lu yajing is right. i was … i was pregnant four years ago … “

luo chenxi paused for a moment and took a deep breath to ease the sour feeling that was churning in her chest. she continued, ” ” but, that child … already … died the moment he was born … “

just saying this sentence seemed to have used up all her strength.

luo chenxi shut her mouth, but her body was trembling continuously.

whenever she thought of that cold, rainy night, she felt as if she had fallen into an endless nightmare.

at this moment, she suddenly felt her body warm up.

a pair of strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a warm and broad embrace.

the man hugged her tightly and coaxed her softly by her ear, ” chenxi, this is not your fault. you … don’t blame yourself … “

mu yichen felt as if his heart was being cut by a knife when he saw luo chenxi’s reaction.

he could not allow luo chenxi to continue blaming herself!

mu yichen pursed his lips and decided to tell the truth.”chenxi, listen to me. actually, that child …”

however, he had just opened his mouth when he was interrupted by luo chenxi once again.

“mu yichen, let me finish first. i know you don’t mind what happened back then, so i should tell you the truth.”

mu yichen’s brows twitched. ” alright, tell me then. what exactly happened four years ago? “

luo chenxi calmed down for a moment and organized her thoughts. ” i’ll start from the beginning. “

“in my third year of high school, i received a scholarship from country Y’s royal academy of fine arts and went to country Y to study. in the beginning, everything went smoothly, and i even won the first prize at the freshman show. during the christmas holiday, my classmates made plans to travel to the neighboring country F, and i joined them …”

luo chenxi’s eyes flashed with a hint of nostalgia.

she was so young and reckless back then.

her design talent was enough to crush all her peers even in this international school.

this gave her the illusion that her future was a smooth one. as long as she worked hard enough, she could become an internationally renowned designer.

in reality, luo chenxi came from an ordinary family. she did not have the money to go to country F.

however, because she won the first prize at the freshman show, she received a 20000-pound prize money, and paris was the city of her dream.

that was why she decided to go on a trip.

whoever knew that this would become a nightmare of her life …

“we had a lot of fun in paris. we visited everywhere during the day and went to the local bar at night. one night, i was drunk …”