1136 that was his and that stupid woman's baby!

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mu yichen’s dark eyes squinted when he heard the crucial part. he fixed his gaze on the petite woman in his arms. he did not want to miss a single word.

luo chenxi’s fingers that were holding onto the hem of mu yichen’s clothes trembled ever so slightly.

however, he still managed to speak as calmly as possible.

” actually, i don’t really remember what happened at that time. later, when i thought about it, someone must have drugged my wine when i wasn’t paying attention. i didn’t notice at all at that time. after drinking a few glasses, i felt that something was wrong, so i ran out. i can’t remember what happened after that. when i woke up the next day, i found myself lying in a small hotel, naked …”

upon hearing this, mu yichen could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“wait, what did you just say? you woke up in a small hotel?”

luo chenxi did not expect him to ask such a question. she blinked her eyes in surprise before she nodded and said, ” “yeah …”

“you didn’t remember wrongly? shouldn’t it be in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel?”

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment. i definitely won’t be mistaken. do you think that everyone is like you, staying in a presidential suite when they go out? i don’t know who took me away that night …”

at this point, luo chenxi’s face turned pale again.

mu yichen furrowed his brows once again. his eyes were filled with confusion.

he was clearly staying in a five-star hotel that day!

moreover, he jinsi was the one who personally sent him back to the hotel that night. after that, he got drunk and fell asleep. he couldn’t possibly have sleepwalked out in the middle of the night and slept with his future wife, right?

wasn’t this a little too strange?

luo chenxi continued speaking when mu yichen was deep in thought.

“i was so shocked that i quickly escaped from the hotel. however, i was too young back then and forgot about birth control … by the time i realized it, i was already two months pregnant. i wanted to abort the child …”

mu yichen’s heart clenched at once.

that was his and that stupid woman’s baby!

however, he immediately calmed down and realized that he was overthinking.

luo chenxi certainly did not have the chance to abort the child. otherwise, it was impossible for her to have such an adorable little dumpling.

as expected, luo chenxi continued, ” ” … in the end, during my prenatal checkup, the doctor told me that my body wasn’t suitable for pregnancy, so if i aborted the child this time, it would be too harmful to my body. there’s a high chance that i won’t be able to get pregnant in the future. he advised me to give birth to the child. “

” i … i hesitated for a long time. at first, i just couldn’t make up my mind. later, i gradually developed feelings for the child in my stomach and couldn’t bear to abort it. later, when my mommy found out, she brought me back to china and supported me in giving birth to the child … “

” however, the lu family has always valued the family’s reputation. my pregnancy has angered grandpa, so, just like what lu yajing said, my mom and i were kicked out of the lu family and moved to T city. “

“i’ve already thought about how to make up for the baby’s fatherless childhood after he’s born. i’ve even made a lot of small clothes for him, waiting to welcome the arrival of this little life. however, just as my due date was approaching, another accident happened …”

at this point, luo chenxi’s body shuddered involuntarily once again.