1137 i really thought i was going to die ...

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mu yichen hugged her even tighter. it was so tight that he felt like he was about to embed her into his body.

” alright, alright. i already know. you don’t have to continue … ” mu yichen said softly with a deep frown.

luo chenxi gave him a gentle push and shook her head.

” no, i’ve finally mustered up the courage to mention what happened back then. let me say it all at once! “

mu yichen had no choice but to remain silent when he saw how insistent she was.

luo chenxi thought for a moment before she continued, ” ” in order not to affect the lu family’s reputation, grandpa paid a sum of money to send me abroad. he didn’t want me to give birth to a child in the country. “

” i guess i’m just unlucky. that day, my mommy was in trouble, so i went to the hospital alone for a check-up. on the way, a car suddenly lost control and rushed towards me. i actually already felt that something was wrong at that time and wanted to hide in the store on the side, but the car seemed to be coming for me. it drove straight onto the sidewalk and hit me. “

“at that time, i really thought i was going to die …”

“don’t say anymore, stupid woman, don’t say anymore!” mu yichen noticed that her little hand was getting colder and colder. he wanted to stop her from continuing.

however, luo chenxi acted as if she did not hear him. her voice was weak yet determined as she continued, ” … the car accident caused massive bleeding which resulted in premature labor. even though the doctor tried his best to save me and saved my life, the child … was not saved … “

luo chenxi could not hold back her tears in the end. they rolled down her fair cheeks.

luo chenxi’s tears fell onto mu yichen’s neck as the two of them were hugging each other tightly.

mu yichen felt as if he was scalded.

at this moment, other than heartache, there was only regret.

back then, why did he think that the women who climbed into his bed had ulterior motives? why didn’t he find out who the woman was?

if only he had been more careful, that stupid woman wouldn’t have to suffer like this!

” alright, chenxi, stop crying … you have me and tang tang now … don’t cry … you … listen to me … “

mu yichen tried to coax his wife.

however, luo chenxi had been holding it in for too long. today, she finally managed to force herself to speak about the incident that happened in the past.

on the other hand, not only did mu yichen not blame her in the slightest, but he was also so gentle toward her.

she really couldn’t help but want to vent all the grievances and pain she had suffered in the past.

mu yichen was about to tell the truth, but he did not know how to bring it up when he saw luo chenxi crying so hard that she could not stop.

“chenxi … can you not cry …”

“i can’t even cry! how can there be such a bad person like you! wuwuwu …”

“alright, alright, alright. you can cry, you can cry all you want …”

mu yichen felt helpless.

he finally knew why the little dumpling loved to cry so much when she was young. moreover, she was the kind that could not be coaxed when she cried.

it’s all hereditary!

however, he didn’t dare to say this out loud.

he could only hug his wife and coax her for a long time.

luo chenxi did not know how much time had passed before she gradually calmed down. she leaned into mu yichen’s arms and did not make a sound.

it was only then that mu yichen opened his mouth cautiously and asked probingly, ” that … chenxi, do you have any impression of the man who was with you that night? “