1138 cut off his lower part and feed it to the dogs!

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upon hearing his words, luo chenxi’s body turned stiff at once.

mu yichen was regretting his question. he was about to say something when luo chenxi suddenly gritted her teeth.

“no, i don’t have any impression at all! who would remember … remember a rapist? this kind of man who drugged a girl in a bar and then brought her to a small hotel was definitely not the first time he had done this kind of thing. he was simply a scumbag! i only regret not having the ability to catch this person back then, otherwise …”

“otherwise what?” mu yichen suddenly felt a chill on his back.

luo chenxi’s petite hand on his shoulder suddenly clenched into a fist. ” otherwise, i’ll definitely cut off his private part and feed it to the dogs! “

mu yichen shuddered subconsciously.

he suddenly felt pain in a certain part of his lower body.

“but, what if … i’m saying what if … this man didn’t do it willingly? are you also a victim?”

“victim? does he think i’m stupid? if a man doesn’t want to, do you think i have the ability to rape him? he’s definitely up to no good!”

when luo chenxi finished speaking, she noticed mu yichen’s pale face. she pursed her lips and explained hastily, ” “hubby, well…you… you don’t have to worry. the past is in the past. i know that after so many years, we can’t catch that scumbag anymore. although i still hate him, i already have such a happy life now. i have you, tang tang, dad, mom, and wei wei. i don’t want to recall the past. let’s … let’s just pretend that nothing happened …”

“cough, cough, this …”

for a moment, mu yichen did not know how to respond.

was he really going to tell luo chenxi that he was the man who had spent a night with her and even impregnated her?

he … he was a little worried …

at least … at least put away the kitchen knife at home, right?

he also had to keep the scissors that the stupid woman used to cut cloth …

more importantly, he could not figure out why luo chenxi would wake up in the motel.

‘could it be that luo chen’s heart was really moved and he secretly took luo chenxi away after spending the night with her?’

however, with luo chenxin’s ability, how could she manage such a large five-star hotel chain and do such a thing without anyone knowing?

besides, why did luo chenxin send luo chenxi to his bed? he’s not going up?

countless riddles emerged in his heart repeatedly. mu yichen was at a loss.

after a long time, he said in a low voice, ” “stupid woman …”

mu yichen paused for a moment as he waited for luo chenxi’s response.

however, he did not hear any sound.

he lowered his head to take a look and realized that luo chenxi was tired from crying earlier. he did not realize that she had fallen asleep while leaning on his shoulder.

mu yichen looked at her fair little face and her slightly red and swollen eyes with mixed feelings. ?he didn’t know if he was relieved or even more disappointed.

it seemed that even the heavens felt that today was not a good time to reveal the truth …

mu yichen heaved a sigh in his heart. he carried luo chenxi up and placed her gently on the bed before he covered her with the blanket.

luo chenxi revealed the secret that had been buried at the bottom of her heart for many years. she felt relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

however, mu yichen tossed and turned in his bed. he could not fall asleep no matter what.

it wasn’t until early in the morning that he finally felt a little tired.

however, just as he closed his eyes, his phone rang.

mu yichen frowned. he picked up his phone and took a look. he suddenly came to his senses.