1139 missing bai shixun

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the person who called him was actually he jinsi!

the two of them had just parted ways at the mu group this evening. how long had it been since then, and he was already calling him?

mu yichen suddenly recalled that he jinsi had mentioned that he would think of a way to contact bai shixun …

he immediately turned his head to look and confirmed that the little woman beside him was sleeping soundly, showing no signs of waking up.

he lifted the blanket and got up. he picked up his phone and walked to the balcony.”jingsi? did you find shixun?”

mu yichen felt a little nervous in his heart.

as long as he could capture luo chenxin and interrogate her properly, he would be able to figure out the mysteries of the past.

he could only come clean to luo chenxi after the truth was revealed.

otherwise, luo chenxi had already determined that the man she had spent the night with was a rapist with ill intentions. how was he supposed to explain this to his wife?

however, he jinsi’s panicked and anxious voice came from the other end of the phone.

“yichen, bad news! something had happened! i just received news from country F. i heard that shixun and his secretary haven’t returned for three days, and we can’t get in touch with them no matter what.”

“what did you say?” mu yichen turned pale with fright as well.

“i can’t explain it clearly over the phone,” he jinsi said. now, master bai had also heard the news. he fainted on the spot. i’m going to the bai family now, do you want to come with me?”

” of course, i’ll be right there. let’s meet at the bai family. ” mu yichen immediately responded with a solemn expression.

although he was still worried about what had happened four years ago, he immediately threw all the other things to the back of his mind when he heard the news of bai shixun’s disappearance.

the incident from four years ago could be investigated slowly, but bai shixun’s disappearance was a big deal.

when he went to country F, he had brought a large group of bodyguards with him. how could …

mu yichen hung up the phone and immediately returned to his room. he changed his clothes and was about to head out.

the commotion was so loud that it woke luo chenxi up.

she rubbed her eyes and sat up. she looked at the sky outside the window and saw that it was just getting bright.

“mu yichen, where … where are you going so early in the morning?” she could not help but ask in puzzlement.

mu yichen was already at the door when he suddenly heard luo chenxi’s voice. he stopped in his tracks.

his handsome face showed some hesitation, ” this … “

luo chenxi frowned. ” what happened? ” hurry up and tell me, something big must have happened, right?”

mu yichen realized that he could not hide it from her. he decided to tell her everything after some thought.

” it’s … it’s news from the bai family. i heard that shixun went to country F to look for his sister, but he went missing too. it’s been three days since he heard from her … “

“what? how was this possible? what had happened? could it be that luo chenxin has done something to it?” luo chenxi widened her eyes in shock.

her first reaction was that the matter was related to luo chenxin.

after all, luo chenxin had lived in country F for several years, and she could even order an internationally renowned assassin like reese around.

this meant that she had a deep connection with the underground forces.

mu yichen furrowed his brows and shook his head. ” it’s possible, but we’re not sure about the exact situation yet. ” i’m planning to go to the bai family now to ask.”

luo chenxi suddenly thought of an important question.

” wait, bai shixun is missing. then … where’s my little qianqian? “