1140 something happened to little qianqian too?

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fang ziqian had gone to country F with bai shixun!

now that she thought about it, fang ziqian had not contacted her for a few days …

an ominous premonition arose in luo chenxi’s heart at once.

mu yichen pursed his lips. ” secretary fang … i think she went out with shixun. neither of them came back … “

luo chenxi’s face turned paler at once upon hearing his words.

“what? how … how did this happen? little qianqian is in trouble too?”

mu yichen could not help frowning. ” stupid woman, calm down. don’t be anxious. ” no one knows what’s going on right now. perhaps they just forgot to contact the bai family …”

he was afraid that luo chenxi would be worried. that was why he had planned to visit the bai family in secret to clarify the matter before he made any further plans.

he did not expect that he would wake luo chenxi up in a moment of carelessness.

even he didn’t believe what he had just said.

of course, it was even more impossible for him to convince luo chenxi.

luo chenxi immediately lifted the blanket and got up from the bed. ” are you going to the bai family’s residence now? give me two minutes, i’ll go with you!”

“stupid woman, you don’t have to go. i’ll tell you when i come back …”

mu yichen’s heart ached for her for sleeping late last night. he wanted to stop her, but luo chenxi had already dashed into the cloakroom.

in less than two minutes, she changed her clothes and ran out.

mu yichen had no choice but to bring her along and rush to the bai residence together.

the sports car sped under the dim light of the early morning.

as soon as the car came to a stop, mu yichen pulled luo chenxi out of the car and bumped into he jinsi who had arrived at the same time. the three of them rushed into the bai family’s villa.

the villa was in a mess.

the butler was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, as if he was going to faint at any moment.

when he saw he jinsi and mu yichen, it was as if he had seen his backbone. he heaved a sigh of relief and went up to them in a hurry.

“young master mu, third young master he, and mrs. mu, you’re finally here! this is really … really making me anxious to death! second young master and eldest young miss are both missing, and the old master has fainted. there’s no one in the family to make a decision …”

luo chenxi was secretly shocked upon hearing that.

she had heard about the bai family’s situation from mu yichen in the past.

bai shixun’s parents had passed away a long time ago. although he still had an elder brother, it was said that he had mental problems and had been hospitalized for treatment.

bai shixun was the only child left in the bai family.

if something really happened to second young master bai, it would be a huge blow to the old master.

moreover, it would be a fatal blow to the entire bai clan.

mu yichen was more aware of this than she was. there were stormy waves gathered in his deep, ink-like pupils, but nothing could be seen on his face. his expression was still cold and stern.

“enough!” he shouted in a low voice.”why are you so flustered? what are you doing?” who said that shixun must be in trouble? she just couldn’t contact him! all of them had long faces. were they cursing him? go do what you need to do!”

after being reprimanded by young master mu, the servants of the bai family finally calmed down.

mu yichen and he jinsi dismissed the other servants to work before they got the butler to bring them to old master bai’s room.

master bai was leaning against the bed. he had already woken up.

however, her face was still very pale. she looked out of the window with her brows furrowed, thinking about something.

mu yichen and he jinsi exchanged glances and walked over.

” old man, we’ve heard about shixun’s incident … what happened? “