1141 chapter 1145-what sin have i committed

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the two of them didn’t exchange any pleasantries and went straight to the point.

they all knew that it was more important to help master bai figure out the truth than to comfort him.

as long as he could find bai shixun as soon as possible, all his problems would be solved.

master bai’s eyes lit up when he saw them.

“you … you guys are here …”

he jinsi quickly walked to the bed, his face full of regret. ” old master bai, it’s the he family’s fault for not being able to protect shixun. don’t worry, i’ll use all the power in the he family to find shixun as soon as possible.”

the bai family did not have many businesses in europe, and they did not have much foundation.

among them, the he family had been operating in country F for many years and was F well-known financial magnate.

therefore, bai shixun’s trip to country F to look for bai xinxin was mainly to make use of the he family’s influence in the area.

now that bai shixun was in trouble, he jinsi had been feeling guilty ever since he received the news.

old master bai shook his head weakly. ” jingsi, this has nothing to do with you. ” it’s xinxin’s fault for not being able to live up to expectations. i sent her to country F to recuperate, but she didn’t stay put and ran around instead. she didn’t grow her brain and fell into luo chenxin’s hands. now, her brother is in trouble … sigh, i think i’ve been very attentive in educating my grandchildren, but why … why are they all like this … what sin have i committed … cough, cough … “

when master bai thought of this, he couldn’t help but cough again.

“old master, don’t think too much,” he jinsi hurriedly said. i believe that shixun is very lucky and nothing bad will happen to him. i’ll definitely return safely.”

mu yichen also took a few steps forward and said, ” that’s right, old man. what else do you know? why don’t you tell us so we can help you come up with some ideas? “

“sigh, it’s all thanks to shixun’s friends …”

master bai calmed down a little and began to recall what had happened a while ago.

“after shixun went to country F, the operation went smoothly at first. luo chenxin told him the truth that she had sold xinxin to an underground nightclub. shixun worked with the police to destroy the den and caught the leader of the underground force, but they could not find xinxin. “according to the leader’s confession, xinxin stayed at their nightclub for three days before she caused trouble. i think she crippled a customer and angered the underground forces, so she was sold off …”

as master bai spoke, a pained expression appeared on his face.

this was the granddaughter that he had personally brought up as both a father and a mother!

although she grew up to be a good-for-nothing and arrogant because of her family background, she was still his biological granddaughter!

master bai couldn’t sleep at the thought of how he would end up in such a state, with his life still unknown.

mu yichen and he jinsi fell silent as well.

after a while, master bai continued, ” “after that, shixun and secretary fang have been looking for xinxin’s whereabouts, but there has been no progress for a long time. however, shixun called me three days ago. he said that he had found some clues and that they should be able to save the man this time. i was still worried then, so i told shixun to be careful. i didn’t expect that something would really happen …”

“old master, did shixun mention that he’s found any clues?” mu yichen asked.

” this … ” master bai recalled. ” it should be related to luo chenxin … “