1142 she tricked shixun and the others into going to country F on purpose!

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” i heard him talking to secretary fang on the phone. they seemed to be questioning luo chenxin about something … they even warned luo chenxin not to play any tricks … “

mu yichen and the others looked at each other upon hearing this.

mu yichen asked a few more questions in succession.

unfortunately, bai shixun did not want the old man to worry, so he only reported the good news and not the bad news. there were many details that the old man did not know.

seeing that they couldn’t get any more information out of him, they comforted the old man and left the room.

not long after, bo tingyuan also rushed over.

the three of them were surprised to see him.

“tingyuan, why did you come? i noticed that something happened at home, so i didn’t tell you …”

he jinsi had no intention of troubling him.

bo tingyuan looked exhausted, but his expression was serious and determined. ” how could you hide something from me when shixun is in trouble? the bo family also has a lot of power in europe and the united states, so they can help.”

“that’s good.” he jinsi didn’t say anything else.

with the friendship between the few of them, there was no need to be polite.

” since that’s the case, let’s analyze the situation in country F. “

he jinsi went straight to the point. ” i didn’t dare to go into detail in front of old master bai just now. actually, the he family’s security department has also sent back news. at least three of the bodyguards who were sent to protect shixun and the others have been confirmed dead. the location where the bodies were found was in the suburbs of paris. the traces at the scene showed that they should have died in a gunfight.”

mu yichen and the others were shocked upon hearing this.

the bodyguard’s death also meant that … the person they were protecting was most likely dead too.

mu yichen gritted his teeth. ” damn it. i should’ve known that luo chenxin had an ulterior motive for telling them about bai xinxin. she’s trying to trick shixun and the others into going to country F! if only i had stopped him!”

bo tingyuan shook his head. ” yichen, you don’t have to blame yourself. even if you wanted to stop shixun, you wouldn’t be able to. how could he not go to country F when this matter concerned his sister? even if he knows it’s a trap, he’ll still go!”

” that’s right, ” he jinsi added, ” “the most important thing now is to find shixun. i plan to go to paris immediately. i have to find him!”

mu yichen immediately said, ” i’ll go too. this has more to do with me. i’ll find out who shixun or luo chenxin is! “

“then i’ll also …”

as soon as bo tingyuan opened his mouth, he was interrupted by mu yichen and he jinsi.

“no, you can’t go!”

“that’s right. you know your family’s situation. if you leave now, what will shaoxuan do? besides, it’s enough for the two of us to go.”

” but … ” bo tingyuan wanted to continue.

however, mu yichen and he jinsi were very determined and persuaded him to go back.

the few of them were very decisive people, and they quickly came to an agreement.

he jinsi immediately went to arrange for a private jet.

it was only then that mu yichen had the time to show his concern for his wife who was sitting beside him.

” chenxi, i’m sorry … ” it was rare for young master mu to show a guilty look. ” i have to go to paris immediately. you and tang tang wait for me at home … “

before mu yichen could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by luo chenxi.

“no, i’m going to paris with you!”

mu yichen was stunned. ” what?! “

“bai shixun was not the only one who went missing, fang ziqian was also missing! how can i stay here and wait for news?” luo chenxi frowned deeply.