1143 even if he's fine this time, i'm going to cripple him!

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mu yichen refused instinctively,”no, you can’t go! it was too dangerous! shixun’s disappearance must have something to do with the underground forces in country F. we don’t know what we’ll run into when we get there. how can i let you take such a risk?”

luo chenxi raised her head and glared at him. ” what about you? don’t you have to risk your life to go to country F? have you ever thought that tang tang and i would be worried?”

“i …”

mu yichen was at a loss for words for a moment.

he lowered his head and looked into luo chenxi’s big, watery eyes. he felt guilty at once.

his family would be worried if he left just like that. however, bai shixun was his brother who had grown up with him …

“stupid woman …”

mu yichen was about to say something when he was interrupted by luo chenxi with a wave of her little hand.

“you see, you’re going to country F for your good brother, and i’m going to country F for my best friend. let’s not talk about each other! let’s go!”

mu yichen choked at once.

what he said made so much sense that there was no way to refute it!

however, after a while, he still frowned. ” stupid woman, have you really thought it through? are you sure you want to go?”

in addition to safety considerations, there was one more thing that he couldn’t ask.

their destination this time … was paris!

when he mentioned paris the day before, luo chenxi’s face turned as pale as a sheet of paper in a split second. it was apparent that the city had left a huge psychological shadow on her.

but now, for fang ziqian’s sake, she decided to fly over herself …

“i’m sure!” luo chenxi nodded heavily. ” bai shixun, that shameless playboy. not only did he abduct my little qianqian, but he also put her in such a dangerous situation! ” see how i’ll deal with him! even if he’s fine this time, i’m going to cripple him!”

she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

mu yichen was at a loss for words.

bo tingyuan was speechless.

why did he suddenly feel that bai shixun was in a bad state?

half an hour later, luo chenxi only thought of the important question when she was sitting on the he family’s private plane.

the place where bai shixun went missing was the city that she did not want to step into the most in her life.

however, it was too late to regret now.

luo chenxi accepted the truth very quickly. she turned her head to look at the sea of clouds outside the window.”little qianqian, please don’t let anything happen to you!”

in her toughest and most lonely years, the only person who treated her the best was fang ziqian, other than lu wenjun.

now that lu wenjun had gone missing, if anything happened to fang ziqian …

she didn’t know what to do!

“little qianqian, what happened to you? where is he?”

in the middle of the night, on a slightly narrow street, bai shixun and the others were pretending to be tourists as they walked forward at a moderate pace.

this was the famous red-light district in country F. the colorful neon lights around it flashed with strange lights and shadows. a large number of scantily dressed women were attracting guests on the street.

fang ziqian lowered the brim of her hat to cover her face as much as possible. her eyes fell on the signboards of conch girls that could be seen everywhere on the street, and the corners of her mouth twitched.

“what … what the hell is this place? bai shixun, we’ve been to all the red light districts in paris, and we’ve been to this street three times. are you sure we’re going to continue searching in this place? maybe the information luo chenxin gave us was fake!”