1144 you're so strict with me, do you love me?

Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This! Shui Qingqing 2022/11/23 12:29:24

bai shixun raised his eyebrows, and a hint of playfulness flashed across his handsome and perfect face.

“little qianqian, i’ve already told you countless times that this place is really not suitable for girls. you don’t have to follow me at all. don’t worry, even if you’re not by my side to supervise me, i won’t do anything to let you down. after all, ever since i had you, i’ve stopped being interested in such ordinary women …”

even at such an important time like finding someone, second young master bai’s sweet words still came out of his mouth.

his many years of experience in the field was not in vain. as long as he wanted to, it had become his instinct to say a few nice words to please girls.

furthermore, fang ziqian was his main target.

in order to settle things with fang ziqian and prevent her from reporting to the old man and ruining his plans, bai shixun had long made up his mind to pluck this mountain-top flower at all costs.

fang ziqian’s expression immediately showed signs of breaking down.

“bai shixun, stop your nonsense! what do you mean by having … having me? i don’t have a single cent of relationship with you! shut up! did you hear that?”

bai shixun picked his ear. ” i heard it, i heard it. ” little qianqian, can you lower your voice? i wasn’t the only one who heard it. everyone around me heard it too …”

fang ziqian’s body froze.

she turned around and realized that there were indeed many passers-by looking in her direction. she hurriedly shut her mouth.

they had secretly come to inquire about the situation.

in order to conceal his identity, he had even disguised himself.

she didn’t control her volume just now. it wouldn’t be good if she attracted the target’s attention. after all, she was a young girl who wasn’t in the special forces. it would be very conspicuous if she appeared in the red-light district.

fang ziqian took a deep breath and lowered her voice.”anyway, don’t talk nonsense! let’s think about what we should do next!”

bai shixun’s gaze slowly swept across her face. ” there’s no other way now. we can only look for them one by one. ” if you don’t have the patience, you can go back to the hotel. i’m not joking with you, this place is really not suitable for you.”

although fang ziqian had put on some makeup to disguise herself as a man, she was still a woman.

however, even though her makeup was exquisite, she lacked luo chenxi’s free and easy temperament. one could tell that she was a woman the moment she opened her mouth.

bai shixun had been worried from the beginning.

however, fang ziqian insisted on following him out, so no matter how he tried to persuade her, it was useless.

in the past, when fang ziqian came along, he could take the opportunity to tease her a little.

but today … he didn’t know why, but as soon as he entered the street, he had an uncomfortable feeling, as if someone was staring at him.

however, even the well-trained bodyguards of the he family didn’t notice anything strange …

could it be an illusion?

no matter what, he hoped that fang ziqian would return.

“no, i can’t let you be here alone …” fang ziqian said sternly.

bai shixun laughed like a hooligan. ” what’s wrong? you’re really afraid that i’ll steal food outside? you’re so strict with me, do you love me so much?”

“love your head!” fang ziqian was about to flip out again.

at this moment, a hoarse and deep female voice came from his right.

“sir, what kind of service do you need? i’m the most professional on this street, i can match any position …”