1145 if she could serve him well, wouldn't she be able to fly up to the branches and become a phoenix?

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the woman was speaking in french, but the all-purpose secretary, miss fang, had learned french before, so she understood what she was saying.

his first reaction was to turn his head, and his eyes suddenly became sharp and fierce.

sure enough, he saw a foreign woman with heavy makeup on, holding bai shixun’s arm and leaning toward him.

the foreign woman’s clothes were not even the size of a palm, and a certain plump part of her body rubbed against bai shixun’s body.

fang ziqian almost vomited.

“get lost!” she scolded in a low voice.

however, the woman could clearly tell who the real rich man was in this group of people. not only did she ignore fang ziqian, but she also stuck even closer to bai shixun.

fang ziqian gritted her teeth and turned to look at bai shixun.

bai shixun noticed the anger in her eyes and laughed in his heart. he deliberately did not get rid of the foreign woman immediately. he stood still on the spot as if he was hesitating.

seeing this, the foreign woman lowered her voice even more, making it more seductive.

“sir, i really have the best service on this street. not only do i have no problem with normal positions, even if you want to play something special, i have no problem …”

“oh? special?” bai shixun raised his eyebrows and seemed to be very interested.

the foreign woman thought that he was tempted and immediately nodded. ” that’s right. just like what you’re thinking, any kind of heavy taste is fine. “

” some of the hardcore ones … ” bai shixun said, ” aren’t they illegal? “

hearing this, the foreign woman laughed out loud.”illegal? it was illegal, but so what? you must be a tourist from abroad, right? you probably don’t know, but in our red-light district, all the businesses there are legal. after this street … you’ll be doing all kinds of business. even the police patrol won’t cross the boundary of this street, so you don’t have to worry about being caught.”

bai shixun squinted his eyes and his gaze turned sharp.

however, his face still remained expressionless.

his thin lips curled up slightly, and under fang ziqian’s fiery gaze, he slowly pulled his arm back.

“forget it, i’m not interested in heavy flavors …” he said slowly.

” sir … ” the foreign woman was not willing to be rejected and wanted to fight for it.

in their line of work, most of the customers they met were fat and unsightly. they had never seen a man as handsome as bai shixun, who had a perfect body and temperament.

moreover, even though he had intentionally concealed it, his every movement still revealed an extraordinary aura.

this was definitely a fat sheep from a very high background!

sleeping with him for one night was already a great deal. if she could serve him well, wouldn’t she be able to fly up to the branches and become a phoenix?

being this man’s mistress was a hundred times better than being a prostitute on the streets!

unfortunately, bai shixun was not moved at all.

the foreign woman had no choice but to turn around and leave.

fang ziqian was so angry that she almost vomited blood. she glared at bai shixun. ” what’s wrong? he couldn’t move after seeing such a fleshy woman? second young master bai, allow me to remind you that we are currently on official business! there’s no time for you to ‘enjoy’ it!”

fang ziqian gritted her teeth when she said the last few words.