1146 she will definitely escape

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bai shixun raised his eyebrows and gave a half-smile. ” so … my dear little qianqian, you’re … jealous? “

“jealous my ass! do you think i’d be jealous?”

“if you’re not jealous, then why are you so fierce to me?” bai shixun asked innocently. can’t you see that i was just trying to get some information?”

“gather information? what kind of information do i need to get close to a prostitute who can provide heavy-tasting services?”

fang ziqian’s voice was cold, and her words were unreasonable.

however, bai shixun felt that her voice was much more pleasant than before.

” alright, don’t be jealous. i did get some important information just now. ” bai shixun’s face turned serious again. ” you heard what the prostitute said just now. from this street, we’ll reach the area where illegal services are provided. i’ve only heard of such a place in paris, but i don’t know where it is …”

as he spoke, he suddenly turned around and stared at luo chenxin who was behind him with a sharp gaze.

luo chenxin was wrapped in a black coat and even her hat was covered tightly.

at that moment, she was being held by a few bodyguards and was following behind bai shixun.

bai shixun furrowed his brows and motioned for everyone to walk to an empty alley. then, he stepped forward and asked in a stern voice, ” “luo chenxin, what the hell are you doing? in the past month, we’ve searched all the red-light districts in paris! why haven’t we found him yet? today, you have led us to such a place again …”

the hat on luo chen’s head was pulled off by the bodyguard, revealing her face.

if luo chenxi were here, she would certainly be shocked by luo chenxin’s current appearance.

her face was blue and purple, and it was all swollen. the shadow of the great beauty from before could no longer be seen.

it was obvious that he had suffered a lot during this period of time.

she coughed a few times, and when she opened her mouth, her voice changed.

” second … second young master bai, don’t … don’t be angry. i’m really trying my best to help you find her … really … i don’t know where those people … where they sold your sister to, but … i roughly know which special places they are in contact with … we can only look for them one by one … “

” i know, ” bai shixun sneered coldly. ” but we’ve searched so many houses, and there’s no clue at all. you’re clearly toying with me! “

“no, no, no, i don’t dare! i … i really don’t dare to!” luo chenxin denied it. ” it’s also possible that the next family … they sold bai xinxin a second time … that’s why i brought you here today … disobedient women are usually sold to this place … “

when bai shixun heard this, he recalled what the foreign woman had said just now. the anger in his heart suddenly rose.

“you actually caused xinxin to fall into such a place! you’d better pray that she’s still alive and that i can save her in time! otherwise … i’m capable of doing anything!”

bai shixun was so angry that he was about to go crazy.

he motioned to the bodyguards behind him to teach luo chenxin a lesson before they continued on their way.

luo chenxin spat out a mouthful of blood. she looked at the backs of the few people, and a trace of malice flashed in her eyes.

bai shixun and fang ziqian …

there was also luo chenxi who was far away in china!

she would definitely escape. furthermore, she would definitely take revenge for everything these people did to her!