1147 what the hell is the old man thinking?

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bai shixun discussed with a few bodyguards and decided to go deeper into the red-light district to continue looking for bai xinxin’s whereabouts.

fang ziqian felt that this was a little inappropriate. after a moment of hesitation, she advised,”second master, we’re not prepared. it’s too risky to enter the illegal area like this. why don’t we go back and talk to the police first, then …”

“talk to the police? the police in F country were a bunch of good-for-nothings, what was the use of looking for them? i dare say that the police must be in contact with the underground forces. someone must be behind the scenes! after we find xinxin, i’ll definitely get to the bottom of this!” bai shixun’s face flashed with anger.

fang ziqian pursed her lips. she had to admit that bai shixun was right.

when they had just arrived in country F, they had contacted the police through the he family’s influence. in the beginning, the police had been very cooperative. they had conducted a surprise check on the nightclub that luo chenxin had confessed to and arrested the nightclub’s management staff.

however, because bai xinxin had already been transferred to another person, they could not find her.

after that, the police’s attitude changed. they became more and more perfunctory.

bai shixun had lost his temper several times because of this. however, they were not in china after all. the power that the bai family could use was very limited, and they could not force the police to handle the case.

bai shixun had no choice but to sneak into the red-light district to investigate.

at this point, he was most grateful that he had been careful in the beginning and kept luo chenxin in his hands instead of handing her over to the police to assist in the investigation.

otherwise, even the last clue would have been cut off.

“we can’t delay any longer.” bai shixun furrowed his brows. ” now that we finally have a lead, i’m worried that if we delay any longer, the news will leak again … “

not only did the police not cooperate with them, but they even affected their secret investigations several times.

bai shixun and the others had always suspected that the police had colluded with the underground forces.

in addition, now that he knew that bai xinxin might have been changed a few times and might even be suffering in hell on earth, bai shixun could not wait any longer.

fang ziqian knew that she could not change his mind, so she could only remind him, ” second master, let’s check out the surrounding situation first. we can’t be rash … “

” i know. i don’t intend to rush in and cause trouble. i’ll just find out some information first … ” bai shixun nodded.

suddenly, he remembered something and turned to look at fang ziqian. ” we’re entering an illegal area. you don’t have to follow us. go back. “

bai shixun chased them away again.

however, fang ziqian still shook her head. ” no, i can’t leave! “

” i’m not joking with you! ” bai shixun seemed to be very anxious. ” we might be in danger when we get in! “

fang ziqian raised her head and looked at him with determination. ” it’s because of the danger that i can’t leave! before we set off, the old man specifically asked me to go over and told me that no matter what happened, i must follow you closely and not let you act rashly alone!”

bai shixun was stunned for a moment. then, he could not help but swear, ” “f * ck! what is the old man thinking?”

he knew that he was a little too much of a playboy, so it was normal for master bai to think that he was unreliable.

however, he had never expected that the old man would make such a request to a girl like fang ziqian!

what was even more ridiculous was that fang ziqian had actually agreed!