1148 no matter how much he tried to please fang ziqian, she remained unmoved

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“can you wake up? fang ziqian? you knew that there was danger, but you still followed me! was the old man’s words that effective? he wants you to die, are you going to die or not?”

bai shixun glared at the woman in front of him in exasperation. he really wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her awake.

in his heart, other than worry, there were even more complicated emotions mixed with depression, unwillingness, and anxiety.

it was only then that he realized that fang ziqian wasn’t following him out of jealousy. it was because of elder bai’s instructions!

why was it always like this?

no matter how much he tried to please fang ziqian, she acted as if she didn’t see it and continued to treat the old man’s words as an imperial edict.

he had let this playboy, who had always been successful in the field of love, taste what a real sense of frustration was!

when fang ziqian heard bai shixun’s words, her little face immediately became stern. ” second young master, don’t say that about the old master. the old master is only thinking for you. if i follow you, on one hand, i can give you some ideas, and on the other hand, if something happens, i can at least be of some help. at least, i can call the police, right?”

bai shixun’s breath was stuck in his chest. he could not breathe.

after a long while, he finally said reluctantly, ” if you insist on following me, then follow me! “

bai shixun knew that fang ziqian was loyal to the old man. since it was an order from the old man, she would never go against it. it was useless even if he tried to persuade her.

besides, he only planned to pretend to be a guest today to get some information. he didn’t plan to make a move immediately.

there shouldn’t be any danger …

“you must follow me closely, understand?” bai shixun stared at fang ziqian.

” don’t worry, ” fang ziqian nodded.

the few of them discussed for a while, rearranged their clothes, and then turned to the fork in the road.

although it was an illegal area, from the outside, it did not look much different from the red-light district they had just passed, except that there were fewer tourists.

however, bai shixun and the others were not surprised.

since it was an illegal business, he definitely couldn’t do it openly.

they walked on the street for a while, but they didn’t find any clues.

just as bai shixun was about to find a nightclub to enter, luo chenxin suddenly said, ” “second … second young master bai … i … i remember now …”

bai shixun furrowed his brows and turned to look at her. ” what did you remember? “

luo chenxin looked around carefully for a while before she lowered her voice and said, ” “um … there are a few shops here. i … i saw reese here before. the chances of miss bai being in these shops are higher …”

“which few?”

“the nearest one is nearby. just go into the alley on the right …” he said.

bai shixun subconsciously looked to his right and pursed his lips, but he did not follow her instructions.

luo chenxin suddenly became anxious and quickly said, ” “it’s true! what i said is true, second young master bai! i … i’m already like this now, what good is there in lying to you? in fact, i also regret it very much. because of my impulsiveness, i caused miss bai to become like this … i also want to save her. “

” second young master bai, you can’t hesitate any longer. in that kind of shop, normal girls can’t stand the torture. usually, in less than two months, they will die … “

bai shixun’s expression changed when he heard that.

luo chenxin heard his cold voice before she could be happy.