1149 chapter 1153-kill them!

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” luo chenxin, why did you have to lure us to that dark alley? what’s your scheme? “

luo chenxin’s heart skipped a beat.

she had described bai xinxin’s fate to be so miserable, but second young master bai still did not fall for it!

she had heard that bai shixun doted on his younger sister a lot in the past. he almost fell out with mu yichen for bai xinxin’s sake.

now that he had heard that bai xinxin might die, shouldn’t he have rushed into the alley without a care for anything else?

bai shixun squinted his eyes and said coldly, ” ” luo chenxin, didn’t you realize that your performance today was too deliberate? “

he did not doubt luo chenxin’s words at first.

however, luo chenxin’s attitude today was too positive. she even took the initiative to point the way. this had never happened before.

no matter how slow-witted bai shixun was, he was on his guard at this moment.

“let’s go immediately! i can’t stay here for long!”

at his command, everyone turned around and left.

however, at that moment, a gunshot was heard.

the assassins who were hiding in the dark noticed that bai shixun and the others had not entered the planned ambush point and were about to leave.

the assassins could no longer hide themselves. they immediately rushed out and fired at them.

“dammit!” bai shixun cursed in a low voice.

the underground forces of F country were so arrogant that they dared to open fire on the streets!

bai shixun’s bodyguard reacted in time, and the shot did not hit bai shixun.

however, the street was in a mess.

the tourists realized that there had been a shooting, and they screamed in horror and began to flee.

the streets were packed with people, and there were also intermittent gunshots. the scene was extremely chaotic.

bai shixun grabbed fang ziqian’s wrist. ” let’s go! “

the bodyguards immediately surrounded bai shixun and fang ziqian to protect them.

their most important duty was to ensure their employer’s safety, so they could not care about luo chenxin when they were shot.

luo chenxin was pushed to the side and fell to the ground. one of her front teeth was knocked out, and blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

however, she could not hide the surprise on her face.

this time, she could finally escape successfully!

these former subordinates of reese had really come at the right time!

luo chenxin immediately screamed, ” where are they? they are the ones who killed reese, kill them quickly! no, capture them alive. i want to torture them!”

a sinister smile appeared on her face.

she shouted so loudly that luo chenxin’s voice was penetrating even in such a chaotic and noisy street.

fang ziqian’s face turned pale when she heard that. she could not help but curse, ” damn it, luo chenxin, that b * tch! “

however, it was too late to say anything now. for them, the most important thing was to escape from this area. otherwise, they were afraid that only death would await them.

“don’t talk, walk this way!”

bai shixun’s expression was grave. he held fang ziqian’s hand tightly and used his body to shield her as he ran forward with all his might.

in order to protect them, the three bodyguards behind him had separated from the two of them and took the initiative to block the killers.

the gunshots behind them were indeed sparser than before, but it did not stop. there were still sporadic gunshots.

bai shixun knew that they were far from being safe.

from luo chenxin’s words, they could tell that they were being hunted down by professional assassins!