1150 bai shixun, you ... you're injured?

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he did not know what luo chenxin had in mind to mobilize his former subordinates when reese was arrested.

however, these people were definitely dangerous, extremely dangerous!

even if the gunshots had stopped, it was unknown if they were hiding in the crowd, waiting for them to deal the fatal blow.

of course, fang ziqian was also aware of the seriousness of the situation, and she was also running forward with all her might.

she had always been in the habit of working out. even though she was not born with a sports-oriented mind like luo chenxi, she was much stronger than an ordinary girl in terms of physical strength. at the very least, she would have no problem running half a marathon.

however, as she ran, she suddenly felt that the speed of the man beside her was gradually slowing down.

fang ziqian was originally dragged along by bai shixun, but now, it was the opposite. she was the one pulling bai shixun along.

fang ziqian was so anxious that she couldn’t help but urge,”bai shixun, run faster! i can hear the sound of gunfire getting closer and closer! you … hurry up, you hear me? why is your physical strength worse than a woman like me?”

bai shixun was despised by her, but he did not refute her as usual. he remained silent, but he sped up a little.

moreover, his breathing was also much heavier than before.

fang ziqian felt that something was amiss, but the current situation did not give her time to think.

he could only run forward with all his might.

when they reached a corner, she suddenly felt a tight grip on her wrist. bai shixun pulled her into a hidden alley at the side and motioned for her to keep quiet.

fang ziqian’s face was filled with anxiety as she bit her lip.

not long after, they heard urgent footsteps coming from outside the alley.

” damn it, where did that man and woman go?! “

“it’s like seeing a ghost! i thought that pampered young masters and young mistresses like them would definitely run out of energy after a few steps. how did they persist for so long and run so fast!”

“no, we must catch them! miss luo just said that the leader is still alive and has been detained by the young master of the mu family in china. that man is a good friend of the young master of the mu family. as long as we take him as a hostage, we can get the leader back! we can’t let them get away!”

” don’t worry. that man was shot just now. he can’t have run far. let’s catch up with him! “

the two killers discussed in a low voice and quickly continued to run forward.

because it was dark, they did not notice this alley.

although the killer had left, fang ziqian did not dare to let her guard down. she forced herself to not make a sound and waited for a long time.

the assassins didn’t come back.

fang ziqian heaved a sigh of relief. ” i think we’re safe for now. what should we do? “

bai shixun’s voice sounded a little weak. ” i don’t know if those killers will come back. ” if they can’t catch us, there’s a high chance that they’ll come back and search slowly. we can’t risk going out in the middle of the night … let’s continue to walk into the alley and see where this alley leads to.”

“alright, let’s go.”

fang ziqian got up and turned around to see bai shixun supporting himself on the ground. he tried twice but failed to get up.

she was stunned for a moment. ” what’s wrong with you? “

at this moment, the killer’s words suddenly appeared in her mind.

” bai shixun, you … you’re injured?! “

when they were running for their lives, bai shixun had been protecting her with his body, so fang ziqian was unscathed.

she did not realize that bai shixun had already been shot!