1151 if i die, will you ... miss me?

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“i’m not …”

bai shixun was about to say something when fang ziqian suddenly leaned toward him and touched his back without saying anything.

if it was any other day, bai shixun would not even be able to laugh if fang ziqian was willing to touch him.

however, at this moment, he only had one feeling. it hurt!

“si … qianqian, let go! don’t … don’t touch me!” bai shixun gritted his teeth and gasped.

fang ziqian’s face paled when she touched a sticky, wet liquid and smelled the faint scent of blood in the air.

not only was bai shixun shot, but he was shot earlier than she had expected.

it was no wonder he couldn’t get up after losing so much blood.

and she had just urged him to run faster.

fang ziqian immediately became anxious and asked,”second master, you … where did you get shot? hurry up and tell me! don’t … don’t scare me …”

she was at a loss for a moment and did not know how to help him.

the alley was dark, with only the faint light from the street lamp in the distance. it was impossible to see the location of bai shixun’s wound.

bai shixun did not answer. instead, he let out a muffled groan and his body swayed again.

then, he fell in fang ziqian’s direction.

fang ziqian couldn’t care less about anything else as she hurriedly held onto him.

bai shixun could not exert much strength at this time, so his whole body was almost in a state of emptiness. his entire body weight was on fang ziqian.

she leaned her head against fang ziqian’s neck, and every breath she exhaled was scorching hot.

“bai shixun, you … say something!” fang ziqian’s voice sounded like she was about to cry.

bai shixun’s body temperature was obviously higher than normal. this must be because the wound was not treated in time, and the inflammation had led to a high fever.

this was a very serious symptom!

bai shixun’s body trembled again, and he spoke again, but his voice was obviously much weaker than before.

“little … qianqian … if i … if i die, will … will you remember me? will you … miss me?”

fang ziqian’s body trembled uncontrollably. ” you, you, you … what nonsense are you talking about? you won’t die, you won’t die! hang in there, as long as we wait until dawn, someone … someone will come to save us! those bodyguards won’t be able to find us, so they’ll definitely come back …”

bai shixun’s voice became even lower. ” i … i’m afraid i can’t wait any longer. little qianqian, i … i’m so dizzy … my body is so cold … “

the fear in fang ziqian’s heart reached its peak.

she hugged bai shixun tightly and said in a panic, ” “bai shixun, bai shixun! don’t … don’t be like this, you must hold on! you … where are you cold? i’ll help you warm up. you … you can lean on me … bai shixun, wake up and talk to me!”

although she had always looked down on a rich playboy like bai shixun, and even after bai shixun started to pursue her, she only thought that bai shixun was just doing it on a whim and did not have a good heart, so she avoided him like the plague.

however, at this moment, bai shixun was seriously injured in order to protect her, and his breath was getting weaker and weaker …

fang ziqian’s heart clenched into a ball. an unprecedented fear and pain struck her heart, almost suffocating her.

if … if bai shixun really could not make it …