1152 bai shixun was so seriously injured, but his mind was actually ...

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at that moment, what came to fang ziqian’s mind was not elder bai’s instructions.

instead, it was bai shixun’s handsome face that always carried a frivolous and evil aura.

she always felt that bai shixun’s expression and voice were extremely annoying when he called her ‘little qianqian’. however, at this time, when she heard bai shixun calling her that mushy name, fang ziqian only felt heartache!

it was so painful that he couldn’t breathe!

she … what’s wrong with her?

fang ziqian thought about it for a long time and came to a conclusion. if bai shixun were to die, she would not be able to answer to master bai! thinking of how old master bai was, and how he was going to lose his only grandson, she felt sad for him.

yes, it must be like this …

just as fang ziqian was trying her best to brainwash herself, bai shixun suddenly took a deep breath and his voice started to tremble.

“i … i really can’t take it anymore … little qianqian, i … before i die, can i make a request?”

“pei, pei, pei, what before death! how could you have died? ‘bai shixun, you won’t die! as the saying goes, good people don’t live long, but scoundrels live for a thousand years. you’ll definitely live to a hundred years old!” fang ziqian immediately retorted.

“what do you want?” she asked.

bai shixun lowered his voice even more. ” little qianqian … can you … take the initiative to kiss me? “

fang ziqian was stunned. two to three seconds later, she said,”… what? what … what did you say?”

bai shixun’s body became more and more sore and weak, and he pressed down in fang ziqian’s direction.

he had been working out for many years, and his muscles were strong and powerful. the weight of his entire body on fang ziqian was a little unbearable. she subconsciously took two steps back, and her back hit the rough and hard wall of the alley.

if it wasn’t for such a critical situation, this could almost be considered a standard kabedon position.

fang ziqian found it hard to breathe.

she widened her eyes, but she still could not see bai shixun’s gloomy face in the dim light.

” little qianqian, i’ve been chasing you for so long. i … i really like you … but you’ve never even smiled at me … i … i’m about to die. i only have one request. you … you can kiss me … that way, i … i can die in peace … cough … “

bai shixun’s voice was getting lower and lower …

towards the end, his voice was no different from the buzzing of a mosquito.

if it weren’t for the fact that the two of them were so close that they were practically sticking together, fang ziqian wouldn’t have been able to hear him clearly.

hearing this, fang ziqian’s face gradually turned red.

she did not expect that bai shixun, who was so seriously injured, would be thinking about … these …

in an instant, the emotions that surged up in her heart were so complicated that she couldn’t even describe what she was feeling.

all this while, she had thought that bai shixun was only pursuing her for fun. he was just tired of eating big fish and meat and wanted to eat some carrots and vegetables to relieve his boredom.

in any case, it was impossible for him to be sincere.

fang ziqian bit her lip and did not make a sound.

after bai shixun finished speaking, he leaned his head against her neck and said nothing more. there was only the sound of his breathing that was getting weaker …